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Paul Wall – Game Over (Flip) Freestyle lyrics

I'm just sayin' though..its Paul Wall people's champ
the future Paul Wall and Mike Jones comin' soon
the chick stores baby what they talk bout
we live baby know talk bout...its Paul Wall
I got Mickael Watts sittin' here wit me sup baby..
sup T. Farris G-dash where ya at sup slice, sup B red

what it do its Paul Wall I'm the people's champ
i'm on the grind wit Mike Jones who look like stamps
i'm givin' haters cramps like its the time of the month
cuz we spendin' money on cars while they wastin' more months
i'm tryin' come in this game so my grind is heavy
i'm bouncin' on 24's in SS chevy
holla at pimp-c me and my partner T. Farris baby
I be on the grind lately from Milwaukee to Ka Lae
alot fellas hate me cuz I be layin' it on they lady
i'm just a chick magnet baby its all gravy
i'm the peoples townsmen, dj kobe gettin' bank like agent cody
Michael Watts chopped it slowly thats the reason I'm one and only
i'm still tippin' on four fours to prove to you I'm really doe
hit crawface wit his hoes I'm in a Lincoln on those vouges
buy some skates drop the top in the club I shock and rock
hoes bop so the ball the block I'm on the grind try in a knot
i'm climbin' up the ladder of sucess slowly
some of my homies turn phonie and turn on me
let me out they broke and lonely thinkin' I'll falled off
but Michael Watts open the door and let me back in the house
its Paul Wall
Paul Wall {*3X*}

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