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Paul Austin Kelly – Rappin' Gingerbread Man lyrics

Now way down in the valley lived a farmer and his wife
The wife was makin' with the pastry with her fists and a knife
She cut a fancy little figure and she slapped it in a pan
Sayin‘, “Ain't he cute? My little Gingerbread Man!”

Well then she slips him in the oven for a quarter of an hour
And she's rappin' on the phone while he gets browner and browner
Then she hops into the kitchen and she pops the oven door
And her Gingerbread Man jumps onto the floor

He's jumpin' up and clickin' heels and givin' her five
She never knew a bunch of dough could carry on such jive
But when she tried to get him back into the pan once more
Her little Gingerbread Man was out of the door

[Refrain :]
He's sayin' “Run, lady run! Run as fast as you can
Nobody ever catches me, the Rappin' Gingerbread Man
Yeah, run, lady, run! Run as fast you can
Nobody ever gonna catch the Rappin' Gingerbread Man

So now he's running up the road and headin' straight for the corn
And there's Little Boy Blue just a-blowin' his horn
Little Blue he drops his axe and screws his eyes up tight
He says “That ol' corn liquor must be messin' with my sight!”

Now Ginger says, “There's nothin' wrong with your two eyes.
You're lookin' at the coolest creature runnin' on two thighs
I run away from my ol' lady and her bakin' pan
And I can run away from you cause I'm the Gingerbread Man

[Refrain :]
He hollers, “Run, boy, run! Run as fast as you can!
Nobody ever catches me, the Rappin' Gingerbread Man
Better run, boy, run! Run as fast as you can
Nobody ever gonna catch the Rappin' Gingerbread Man!”

Well he made it through the corn but took another track
When he came upon a place known as the Chicken Shack
He saw the joint was really shakin' so he popped the door
He'd found a groovy little place that had a dancin' floor

He was about to sit himself and get a bite to eat
When the fat bartender said, “Get outta that seat!”
“I don't serve no biscuits here in my place,
But my big belly says it's hungry so I'll eat your face!”

[Refrain :]
Said Ginger, “Run, Fatty run! Run as fast as you can!
Nobody ever catches me, ‘cause I'm the Gingerbread Man!”
He said, “Run, Fatty, run! Just as fast as you can!
Nobody ever gonna catch the Rappin' Gingerbread Man!

Now he was running from the fatty and the farmer's wife
Away from Little Boy Blue and running for his life
He was starting in to thinking that he'd won the race
When the river suddenly was looming in his face

He heard the feet pounding powder all along the ridge
And now he's looking fran-ti-cally for the nearest bridge
He heard a mumbly grumbly voice coming up from the ground
And Mr. Alligator said, “I'll see you safe and sound.”

“Just jump up on my back, Jack! We'll set sail!
I'll bet you never had a ride upon a gator's tail-“
“If you will promise not to eat me,” said Gingerbread
I'd even take a ride upon an alligator's head!”
“But you must swear it, Mr. Gator!”
“I cross my heart!”
And so he hopped upon his head and Gator did depart

[Refrain :]
And he cried, “Run, people, run! Run as fast as you can!
Nobody ever catches me, cause I'm the Gingerbread Man
Yeah, run people, run! Just as fast as you can!
Nobody ever gonna catch the Rappin' Gingerbread Man!

About the middle of the river Gator rolled his eyes
He said, “Yo, Mr. Breadman, I must confide
That there's a price you gotta pay me for this here ride
So when I open up my mouth you'd better climb inside.”

Ginger cried, “Lordy Mighty! But you promised me!”
And Gator said, “A gator be what gators gotta be!”
And then he opened up his choppers sayin' “Well, bless my soul!”
He took the Rappin' Gingerbread Man and swallowed him whole
He ran his tongue around his gator lips with a slurp
And then his gator belly gave a giant gator burp
He gave his mighty tail a flip, gave a contented sigh
He grinned a nasty little grin and then he did cry,

[Refrain :]
“Hey, Rappin' Gingerbread Man! You're so slick!
But the Rappin' Mr. Gator he's lightening quick!
Yo, Rappin' Gingerbread Man! You're so cool!
But the Rappin' Mr. Gator, he's no one's fool!
Hey, Rappin' Gingerbread Man, where'd you go?
I must have something in my ears, can't hear you rappin' no mo‘!”

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