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Paul Allen – The Ibifa Song (Clean Version) lyrics

The ibifa Song (Clean Version)

(voice) Flying somewhere nice sir.

Yeah, falaraki.
As we takes off, to Ibifa, all our thoughts of love are fillin'
The air.
As we heads out to Ibifa we said "cobblers to our troubles and cares.
When we gets there to Ibifa, we'll get legless and drunk out
Of our brains.
We'll get demented, we'll get arrested. And probably all end up
In chains.

And if I meet her in Ibifa, I'll tell her she's the love of my life.
And if I meet her in Ibifa, I hope that she don't look like the wife.

Ow, I sees enough of her in the house.

We'll go clubbin', we'll go drinkin', we'll go mental and we'll
Dance throught the night. We'll grab somebody, without drinkin'
And probably end up in a fight.

And if I meet her in Ibifa, in the moonlight we'll walk hand in hand.
And I'll surprise her in Ibifa, when I gets out my spade and plays in
The sand. Behave there's kids listening.

In Ibifa, they likes to mingle, everybody joins in the dance.
In Ibifa 'ewe senses tingle, as 'ewe takes a shot of finding romance.
'Ewe chats a girl up, 'ewe buys her bevies, 'ewe starts to think 'ewe
Finally bald. Then her brother gets all heavy and comes along and
Knocks 'ewe out cold.

Ow that hurt.

If I meet her in Ibifa. I'll love her anyway that I can.
We'll be so happy in Ibifa just as long as she don't tell her old man.

He is... He got hairs on his chest like a busted couch.

We'll be so happy in Ibifa, we'll never ever wanna go home.
'coz on that dancefloor in Ibifa, 'ewe can swill 'ewe Y-fronts out in
The foam.

Saves on the powder.

When I get back from Ibifa, home to all my troubles and cares.
I'll get arrested at the airport for something that I forgot to


Now my times up in Ibifa, I'm coming home and I'm off my head.
When she sees me, the wife will kill me, she thinks I only popped out
For bread.

When I met her in Ibifa, I knew that there was love up for grabs.
And on that seashore in Ibifa, we went fishing then went looking
For crabs. And I caught 'em.

When I met her in Ibifa, we held hands long into the night.
In the moonlight in Ibifa, that's where I had such a terrible fright.
It's the wife.

Now my times up in Ibifa, I'm coming home and I'm off my head.
When she sees me the wife will kill me, she thinks I only popped out
For bread.

And next year in Ibifa, I'll behave myself and I'll use my head.
And if they throws me out of Ibifa, I'll have two weeks in Butlins

I'm going home, I've had enough

(voice) Got anything to declare sir.

Yeah, I'm absolutely falaraki.

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