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Patti Smith – Godspeed lyrics

You are the adrenaline
Rushing through my veins
Stimulate my heart
Heavy crystalline
You are the sulphur
Extinguished by the flame
You are everything to me
All this in your name

Oh, walking in your blue coat
Weeping admiral
All the twisted cellars
They had to hand your name
Ended all that's static
In a myth of sin
Mirror minor static
Pale adrenaline

Take it
Ah, take it
That day you said to me,
"it could never be"
Say the hour of sea to seep
"have you said godspeed? "

Love is a vampire
Energy of dead
Love is like a boomerang
Comin' back again
On a rack of red leather
On a rack of skin and sin
Tell me how to pale
In adrenaline

And you said to me,
"it could never be"
Say the hour of sea to seep
And you said to me,
"have you said godspeed? "

I could make it all
All the twisted sand and foam
I'll never, ever return
I could make it
Make it all

I'm walking, follow me
Down the twisted stair
Stuck inside a memory
Shot and shot again
Hand upon a railin'
Courtin' fate and fate
We're sailin', sailin', sailin' sailin'
Down a black, black river
And I plunge right in
And I plunge right in
In adrenaline
In adrenaline

I move inside my vein
Ah, you're the speed I need
Throw the pistol in
Oh, your love's a vampire
Comin' in to suck
Stop, stop, stop, stop
Oh, I fell and fell and fell
Down, down, down, down
Oh, I'm gonna duck

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