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Pato Banton – Are You Ready lyrics

Mortal mind is a temporary intellect system
Loaned to human beings for use during a material lifetime.
And as they use this mind they are either accepting
Or rejecting the potential of eternal existence. Selah.

Are you ready? Yow yow yow hear me now!
Are you ready? Lord I really gotta know!
Are you ready? People hear me when I say!
Ready for your judgement day!

When I take a look around Lord knows it's a shame
Many people in the world take life for a game.
Achieving vanity seems to be their main aim
So listen while I make things plain... Again.
Nobody is perfect we all have to pray
For Jah to give us strength anytime that we stray.
But woe unto those who don't feel anyway
To do the same bad things everyday. Hey!

Sometimes me have to sit down and seriously wonder
What kind of influence certain people them under.
Loot - shoot - persecute the youth - pillage and plunder
Forgive them Jah them blunder.
Me tell them once, twice even thrice and again
But some like to keep their brains in material chains.
Doing the wrong thing giving the devil the blame
But satan's in a satellite jail... With no bail.
The court is in session and the heavens are silent
The angel Gabriel is preparing his statement.
If you refuse the father of all existence
The sentence is non existence... Woe.

There's no pity for iniquity there's no pity.
You running and you running and you.
There's no pity for iniquity there's no pity.
Can't run away.
There's no pity for iniquity there's no pity.
Can't run away from yourself.
There's no pity for iniquity there's no pity.
People in the city.

If you don't believe me check the words of Christ
He said: "I am The Way The Truth and The Life".
Turn your back on the rock and you must pay the price
If you wise you woulda take me advice... Twice.
Before it's too late do the right thing
Free yourself from the bondage of evil and sin.
Repent of your ways to the King of kings
I know Jah will forgive everything.
Emancipate - elevate - dedicate - consecrate - regenerate
Oh Jah! It would be great if everyone would step trough the gate...

What you are today is not so important
As what you are becoming day by day and in eternit

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