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Passage – Pain In My Heart lyrics

Here I am alone in this empty room
And let my mind just fly you to the end
Thoughts of you still linger in my memory
Wondering why my life is not that fair
I could still recall
Those memories of you
The joy and all your laughter
The love thast we've been through
Oh, I can't believe you're gone
Oh, no

Talkin' to myself for no reasons I could find
Findin' out why everything went wrong
Tears falling down my cheeks that
I've been trying to hold
It doesn't know if I could still go on
I wanted you to stay
The tears begin to show
You said you cared for me
But then you had to go
And now I know you're gone

But I don't want to remember
The things (we used to do/that we've been through)
And all the things that remind me of you
I don't want to hear the songs
The songs we used to sing
'Coz I don't wanna feel the pain in my heart

I just can't believe you're gone

No, no
I don't wanna feel
Yeah, I don't wanna feel the pain in my heart
I don't wanna feel, don't know what went wrong

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  • l
    Parting ways is the most hurtful moment in our lives, either friends or special someone. Hard to move on but we have to, for our peace of mind. Sometimes you have to pretend ur over him but seeing the person who hurt you much means scratching the scar again & letting it bleed once more. So how can you move on if he's still on ur way & its killing you everytime ur paths crossed. By the time you will find urself getting over him, only then you will realize that he's still the one.
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  • u
    It hurts me more when I hear this song. I've been to an almost perfect relationship which I thought it was. But later he told me that he's engaged with other girl. And this month is the day when that man will ruin my life ever. 10 months of sharing laughter, joke, imaginations and sweet mem'ries. But now. Will end like nothing happened. I guess, I don't want to trust any guy again. Huhuhu.
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  • r
    Its a good tyming tht ill giv meaning to this song. Coz ryt now. My heart is still hard up to move on. For me. This song is for the peepz hu expected so much for love. As if they think everything is permanent and will always be the same. Like me. I had a bf that I had loved so much tht I gave everything 4 him. But still. I loose him. Its so hard to move on. But we really have to. Coz that's wht love minz. Letting go! And sacrificing. Itz been 2months sinz we broke up. And until now, I still cry 4 him. And everytym I hear this song., I cry so hard. But I know. Sumday. I can stand up again and will find d ryt one 4 me.
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  • j
    Its just that when you love, you will hurt also. This is always the consequence of being in love but still its better to let go off things. If someone you love don't have same feelings with you anymore its better to move on. Though it's hard from the beginning but what else can we do but to let him go. It's just that we need to be strong and ler his memory to be part of your past.
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  • m
    For me this song is pra s mga taong duwag. Duwag na sbihin kung ano tlaga ang snisigaw ng puso nila. Duwag na ipakita ang pagmamahal nila. At duwag na ipaglaban ang minamahal nila. Pwera kung nag asawa ha, wen you lose sme1, it doesn't mean nman n you lose him/her forever, it just dat, it will help you realize how much you lose. So nasa syo n yun kung magpkaduwag ka at mareminis nlang o tke a chance to reminis with him/her beside you. Go 4 it!
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