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Papa Whaseh – Junk Food lyrics

Junk food an skunk a musa whata
Make the youth them crazy
The junk food an skunk a musa whata
Make the youth them lazy
Junk food skunk food
It make the youth them have a nasty
Attitude yea
Junk food skunk food
An that is why them ya pickney so rude

Long time now me a tell them say fe change them durty habit. Never want to listen ca them think dem own the plane. All of a sudden me see nuff a them a panic.
Isint it so ironic them a panic

Long time now me a tell them an dem never want listen
All of a sudden me see nuff a them missing
Don't need no crystal ball to tell you what a happen
Who no dead gone a prison unu listen up
Well operator lift it up again from the top again
Lick it fe the pickney them
Tell them say we check fe them c*** up we feet again
Cook a pot an eat again an pan the street again
No killing no fe gwaun again
Tellem a we again a come we come fe set the tren
An when we come again we coming fe the pickney them
An when we come again straight independent wha wha
Longtime now me a tell them say fe change dem durty ways
Watch them growing up an now them moving certain ways
Moving like a crab me say them moving side ways
Wha tek the youth them now a days see ya now
Coulda woulda sholda but them never
Never did a listen when the rastaman a hutta
Never did a listen to the rastaman propper
Some a them did listen but them check say it no matter
Unu watch again
The junk food an skunk

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