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Ookla The Mok – Murder She Wrote lyrics

I hung up the telephone and turned on the television
After you told me we were through
In a little while I'll think about the things that you said
But right now I've other things to do
It's one-thirty now and in a little while
I'll be watching Sally Jesse Raphael
At three o'clock Matlock comes on
Then it's Jake and the Fatman at four
At five o'clock I'll watch the early news
Next pbs has foreign film reviews
And then you'll find me watching Murder She Wrote
Yeah I din't really need you at all
So don't even bother to call
I'm doing fine on my own
I'll lean back in my easy chair
And pretend that I just don't care
That you're gone and I'm all alone
I'll look through the tv Guide, I don't care what's inside
Any old thing to pass the time
I don't care what but there must be something that I can do
To make me forget about you
It's six-thirty and I've really gotta go
Because I have to watch Eyewitness Video
Next Who's the Boss, it'll be your loss if you don't watch it with me
And then prime time, the fun never stops
America's Most Wanted, Secret Service and Cops
I'll get my rda of Murder She Wrote
[Spanish translation:
I woke up this morning and the sun was gone
I turned on the tv to start my day
I think of a girl I used to know
I close my eyes and she's slipped away]
And I'm tired of being alone
For a little while for a little while
For a little while for a little while
I've been thinking about the things that you said
And though I'm hungering for you I regret to inform you
I'm too busy to come to the phone
Because that cool juicer guy is on Channel 29
And then I can watch Cher caress some fat lady's hair
And you know what comes next, phone 1-900-Good-s**
And though it's time for People's Court
You know I'm really more the sort
To watch Murder She Wrote

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