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Oh, Sleeper – Children Of Fire lyrics

We were born to fight!

Here I stand, my breath is baited waiting for the clouds to burst. I plead and scream, "Come what may!"

Dear God, lift me up from this ground of pain
The heat has reached a degree that's bringing me to faint
My faith and sweat have remained to contend the grave
Despite the sting, we're waiting until you bring our fate

We're singing!
We are the children of fire!
We are the lions!
We stayed when all else deserted!
Cuz we were born to fight and fight and fight!

I see you, tattered and bruised
You're the only ones who remained true
I hear your call through the thick of it all
You've waited so long for the rescue
Our time has come!

I'm sweating red, I'm sweating red, I'm sweating red
I'm red, I'm sweating red, I'm sweating red, red, red
I'm sweating red, I'm sweating red, I'm red
I'm sweating red, I'm sweating red red red

It turns from blue
The sky comes unglued
And falls to the earth as my answer
It's so far from rain, the lot will feel pain
As it singes their skin but for you it will soothe

What descends feels like heaven on my skin
Finally I am free to never breath again
My body lifts from the ground I was rooted in
And I pass the spark as it races to the rest of them

[Chorus: X2]

Ignite ignite ignite world
Ignite ignite ignite the world
Ignite ignite ignite the world
Ignite the world and let it burn!

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Corrected byGcons24


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    These guys are truly inspiring, and like others said the symbol isn't satanic and does in fact symbolize god's victory over satan. This album in majority is supposed to tell the story of a priest and his daughter who is an athiest during the second coming of christ. So the parts that seem to question god are coming from the daughter. Though these lyrics are dark they are rich with meaning, and are well written.
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    God is amazing. He has truely moved in these guys, he does so manracles in these guys life. One day we will be with him, why do we arggue and come on here to find a dissagreement with someone who called something satanic when its not, its fine to show them its not but why argue? Don't we know god crys at hatred, don't we know he loves us too much to see us fighting with our brothers and sisters of something not worth it? My youth pastor marc made a point this sunday at bible study, there are only 3 things really worth fighting over and that's 1. The fact that he came threw the virgin mary, 2. Died on the cross for all our sins, and 3. That on the third day rose again.
    So why arggue over if a band or someone is satanic, if we think someone is shouldnt we just pray and give it to god?
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    I love this band, although I only heard one? ƒ their songs. I got goose bums the first time I listened to children? ƒ fire and I still get it every time °? S listen to it. I love these christian metal bands en believe they play an important roll in the kingdom and body? ƒ christ. They are an anointed band and may god bless and use them even more. Love the words from children? ƒ fire.
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    What kind of a retard takes that literally. If you've ever seen them live or heard micah talk, you can tell that their obviously christian, just because you don't like their sign doesn't mean their satanists, in album son of the morning, song finisher, god replies to satan telling him that 'his challenge has been met cuz with a breath I could snap your neck' and that 'the angels will sing as I cut off your horns. Pentagram=goats head, broken pentagram = goats head with the freakn horns cut off. Do your research before you post retarded speculations.
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