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Nova Gang – We The Novas lyrics

[Verse 1 – Apollo}

Now we got Taylor gang but we nova gang Yes I can rap yes I can
Sang Got ya bitch all on my dangalang because ya bitch know that
I spit that flame Ain't gonna lie yea I want some fame Just so my
Moms can have anything From the diamond rings to gold chains
Because I spit these bars for my locked up pain Damn I'm jus sayin
I feel like A nigh is going insane Up out my membrane I thought
The game was to get brain Give a bitch ya heart just to get pain
Now look what You created A heartless nigga that's down to the
End shit now look what you created That same nigga that'll fuck
Ya best friend They call me supernova I get high till I go beyond
The skies They call me supernova I'm the nigga that'll fuck your
Girl in the skies Yea I'm supernova Rollin wit my team nuffsaid
Till the day I die nigga

We the novas, you better act like you know us
We the novas, you better act like you know us
We the novas, you better act like you know us
We the novas, you better bitch act like you know us
Yeah we taking over, Nova Gang
Yeah we taking over, Nova Gang
Yeah we taking over, Nova Gang
Yeah we taking over, bitch its Nova Gang

[Verse 2 – D. A. Y]

We the nova's
Yea we finna take over
Sippin on that purple shit got my whole body leanin over movin slower
Yall niggas can't fuck wit us
Yall niggas can't fuck wit us
Yall niggas we don't fuck witcha, We The Nova's
Flow so insane, smokin on mary jane, knock the pussy out the park bitch I'm Sosa
We on the rise no coaster
So far from being sober, higher then ah floater, 4th quarter I'm the closer biittch
Not a clown but ah joker
I am so high outter space, moon walkin in my loafers
Eyes low on asian
Can't wait til we make it
Nova yea we the greatest bitch!!!!

[Verse 3 – Swateezy]

Ok I'm Casanova swat, and I'm what's really hot
Bitches expect me to mate hoes, but I let em rot
I'm a fox, (holllup) swiper no swiping
I'm Mr. Takeyogirlfriend if ya bitch to my liking
See I'm an animal, you must eat pussy, you cannibal
Even ya bitch ain't a fan of you, its understandable
Phil Jackson 92 I handle bull
I dismantle you, cuz I'm the bomb biiiitch
It's the quiet for the storm, watch the calm flip
Now you see me countin money till my palm itch
I'm just honest, if her ass fat then I palm it
I ain't worried bout a thang
Vision blurry, hail Mary, can't you see my thowed chain
You know the name, and if you don't pleaaaase act like you do cuz we nova gang
The see me talkin, but there ears shut
If you didn't before, then you should fear us, its clear huh
I can see you bitches lookin in the mirror


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