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Noa – Pizmon Layakinton lyrics

Lailah lailah, mistakelet halevanah
Baprachim asher henetsu bagina
Bepirchei hayakineton
Beganeinu hakaton
Lailah lailah, mistakelet halevanah

Ve'omeret halvanah laananim, ananim
Tnu tipa ve'od tiponet laganim
She'ifrach hayakineton
Beganeinu hakaton
Lailah lailah, mistakelet halevanah

Lailah lailah, mistakelet halevanah
Al kol haprachim hayafim hamaksimim shegadlu
Kach laylah beginatah
Beinehem hayakineton
Beganeinu hakaton
Lailah lailah, mistakelet halevanah

Ba hageshem vetiftef (tiftiftif) bechaloni
Vehifriach kol haprachim hamaksimim sheshatalti shanah she'avrah begani
Amarti geshem bo, bo, tafriach li et haginah bevakasha...
Bevegim et hayakineton
Besimchah ubesason
Lailah lailah, mistakelet halevanah

Amarti: "Gili, tir'eh eizeh yofi!
Higa'anu lesof hataklit vehayah tov, tov beyachad"
Az nagid lachem todah I'm hamon ahava
Kach omeret halvana le'atsmah
Lailah, lailah tov

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