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No Question – Whose Is This lyrics

So I hear you trying to holla huh?
But there's a little something in-between us
Come here let me show you how to go about it check it out

Verse 1

Your girlfriend told me what it is
That your trying to handle your bis'
You got a man waiting for you at home
But you still trying to get some of this
She told me everything that you said (said)
And how it got inside of your head (head)
You having wet dreams about me
Rollin round in your bed
So you got me all alone
Tell me face to face
Is it me your thinking about
Taking your mans place
It's had but you don't got to choose
Your with me so he's gone lose
Everything you need is here
So what you wanna do?

Chorus 2x
I'm gonna work it from front to back (whose is this?)
I'm gonna tap it like I just tap that (whose is this?)
I bet your man can't work it like that (like that)
Baby what's the deal (whose is this? Whose is this? Whose is this?)

Verse 2
Baby tell me the truth
What you want just ask and I'll do
To keep it real I'm feeling you to
My body's all over you
I don't want this to be about s** (sex)
Close your eyes and take a deep breath (breath)
No info about what's you next
Just let me relieve you stress
It's been a while since you got it down
I see your hormones runnin' all wild
Before I break it down
Baby just turn around
You'll like it baby just trust
Nothing wrong with making a little lust
Now she only need one touch
I'm gon give you all my love

Chorus 2x


I'm gonna love your body down
Um gonna get down tonight
I love the way your kissing on me
Sugar why they feeling so tight
I love the way your body feels
The s*** little noise you make
Before I put that ass to sleep
It's your love I'm gonna take


You say you really love that man but just can't let him be
If you really love then why you knocking tims with me
If this is what you want you got your wish
(whose is this? Whose is this? Whose is this?)
(if this is what you want, girl you got your wish oooh whose is this?)

Chorus repeat to end

Girl you got your wish oooh whose is this?)

Chorus repeat to end

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