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Nipsey Hussle – Check Me Out lyrics

Yeah yeah
Y'already know what the fuck is up man!
It's new music on the street
I know who got it first man, my homie boys
Dj.. Just incredible
La Leakers
La Leakers drop that shit fellows

You Nispey Hussle, check me out
You in trouble, check me out
Pay as now, check me out
Or ay me double, check me out.
You Nispey Hussle, check me out
You Nispey Hussle, check me out
You Nispey Hussle, check me out
Nigga fuck it, check me out.

Nigga fuck, came from nothing,
Shoot us in public, riding buses,
Buying Benzes, just buying buckets,
Knock me off from my grind that's what they wasn't
My life was ugly and I got money
Kind of glimpse of that and that's not funny
She say she love me, she think she love me
She want my money, I think she funny
Uh! All bad bitches, V twelve inches
Broke niggas got slow, while the rich get richer, uh

Should I die?
The Los Angeles Leakers
Sound like it look

We on the shaw, check me out
A better law, check me out
I stack my petch, check me out
Then show my draws, check me out
This how we ball, check me out
S***s and mob, check me out
I fuck em once, check me out
And never.. Check me out, nigga.
All bad bitches.. V 12 iches
Broke niggas die slow
While the rich get richer.
But let's.. No Gucci problems,
Get money with timers, Louie V persona,
Hit a nigga with a limer,
You don't want them problems
I do my thing in the kitchen
Should I.. The vision
And the road with the riches,
Stay flippin no vicious
Still away from the snitches,
That's how you get those stitches,
Only fuck with my circle,
No square ass niggas
And when you smoke on purple,
Only kush out the Benzes,
When nigga come from, my nigga it's so the realest
We don't play no games, seen a nigga to the..
Or to the icy you, that's how I see you
All about my business, on money business bitches.

All bad bitches
V 12 inches
Broke niggas die slow,
While the rich get richer.

All pm, checc me out
All money in, checc me out
Got.., checc me out
And a Benz, checc me out
We do it big, checc me out
Fucking twins, checc me out
Been fuck their friends, checc me out
Reach come again, checc me out
Please come again, checc me out
Just come again, checc me out
That's what I told her, checc me out
Please come and get her.., checc me out

Please come again, checc me out
Please come again, checc me out
On pm, checc me out, all money in, checc me out nigga

I'm sing this shit, uh
The Los Angeles Leakers
Everything happen and go fast.

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