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Nightingale – Deep Inside Of Nowhere lyrics

Surrounded by silence, no-one is here with me.
I am alone, lost and solitaire.
And I have heard all the stories of heaven,
But where is the one I should meet'
No heartbeat, nor breath, only darkness everywhere.

Why am I here, I'm lost to this world, when innocence is my only excuse'
I saw no light, no replay of life, I felt neither joy or pain.
I wish to open my eyes and realize I'm not in paradise.

Chosen to be in the world of the blind
But why torture me with the presence of mind...

I want your body dead so that I can be reborn. It's my turn to live
Now. I've been here in this place that turns hell into heaven for too long now.
I will have access to your mind and I will get what I want.
I still have some memories and an image of who I was,
I remember the tree and the shadow and her eyes.
Am I alive or is this a dream; a dream that never ever will end'
I don't want to know.
Deep inside of nowhere; trapped in a world that fears the light.
Deep inside of nowhere. Now it feels like I'm fading,
Now it feels like I'm fading away.
Suddenly the darkness awakened and it feels like it's clearing my mind.
My vision is gone, erasing the one I am.
Depraved of myself, now it's taking my thoughts away,
I feel it's enclosing me now but I don't want to go
Deep inside of nowhere; leaving this world that feeds the night.
Deep inside of nowhere; and it feels like I'm falling,
It feels like I'm falling asleep...
Waking up from my dreamless sleep,
It feels like I travel with the speed of light.
Somehow I feel a glimpse of hope inside,
But I guess it's far too early to tell.
I can't remember where I am, I can't remember where I used to be,
But I can remember what I think right now.
Am I closing in on heaven or am I closer to hell' Still no light around
But I feel what's lost have been found.
Deep inside of nowhere; still trapped in a world that fears the light.
Deep inside of nowhere. I'm lost to a world that feeds the night.
Deep inside of nowhere. I'm trapped in a world that feeds the night.
Deep inside of nowhere. Maybe I'm returning,
Maybe I'm returning to life...

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