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Nickelodeon – Dora The Explorer (Theme Song) lyrics

Come on Dora!


Dora dora dora the explorer!
Boots, that super cool exploradora!

Need your help!

Grab your backpacks!
Lets go!
Jump in!

You can lead the way!

Hey! hey!


Swiper no swiping!
Swiper no swiping! (oh man)

Dora the explorer!

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    This song is a true inspiration. You see ten years ago I was trapped in a coma. I was in a car accident when I was rocking out to the Diego theme song. Then a Spongebob Minivan smashed into my car. I was in a coma for nearly ten thousand years. Then I heard this song and all I felt was pure pleasure. You see ever since I was a little boy I was a big fan of Dora the Explorer, but when I was 18 I was going to propose to Dora. She rejected me and I hated myself. We never saw each other again. Then when I was 7, Dora came back. Except I was already watching Diego. Then after I was in that coma for so long I remembered Dora and felt so guilty. Then I heard that theme song. Do-do-do-dora. I was so happy that she returned. I instantly woke up from my coma. I was ready to commit to Dora as much as I would commit to the Illuminati, and suicide. We were married the next day. We hard 19 kids, and counting. That is my story. I hoped you liked it as much as I liked living it. Thx m8, ur gr8.
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    This song speaks to me. This song is about the struggles of a young girl just living life. The real meaning behind this song is that Dora is in a coma and everything that happens is a dream, that's why there are talking animals and stuff like that. There is a such a deep meaning that I cannot even explain. Just kidding fire track tho.
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    This song is so amazing and when I was once a young boy I was in a van and this song came on. I got so excited that when I was head banging, I banged my head into the window and fell straight out. I went into a coma but then once I heard this song again I woke up. This song is my life.
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    I went into coma while eating cereal and then reaching for the remote to turn up the volume so that I could hear the theme song and I have to say that I do not regret any bit of it because once I woke back up I felt never better than I did when I was eating my cereal and then continuing to listen to dora right where I think that I left off.
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