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Nick Granato – Down The Road Of Compromise lyrics

Down the road of compromise
Words & Music by Nick Granato
Won't you take a walk with me, down this old familiar road?
If you haven't been there yet, it's about time you should go,
Just don't be distracted by what takes you by surprise
You've got to turn your head, and keep on walking by
Down the road of compromise
You'll hear some beg for money, and some will beg for bread
But I suggest you pick up your pace, and get away from them
After all you know everyone's just out to take your last dime
And you'll find, most everybody lies,
Down the road of compromise
Just step over fallen angels, who've been left out in the cold
Don't worry about the sick, the opressed, the hurt, the old,
And don't be fooled by children who stare with hungry eyes
Compassion's not a virtue for the wise
Down the road of compromise
You'll meet lots of friendly faces there, who'll try to change your mind,
At times the road gets narrow, and you'll wander with the blind
But you might not be welcomed in their Gods paradise
But don't mind them; they've spent a lot of time,
Down the road of compromise
You'll pass right by devils, thieves & diplomats,
It's hard to tell the difference, so you'd better watch your back,
Some will offer prayers and some pretend to take your side,
But the truth will always be so hard to find
Down the road of compromise
So won't you take a walk with me, down familiar this old road?
I can show you where to walk, and just how far to go,
There's no need to worry, if you'll just wear your disguise
Cause nothings worth that much sacrifice
Down the road of compromise
Yes, you could make a difference, but standing up might cost your life,
It's easier to just keep on walking by....
Down the road of compromise
Down the road of compromise
Down the road of compromise
© 2006 Song Harbor Music/Bmi

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