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Nick Granato – Color Outside The Lines lyrics

Color outside the lines
Words & Music by Nick Granato
You can do what you want as long as you keep to yourself,
You can be who you are as long as it's somewhere else,
It's a "Simon Says" life; you must do what's expected
After all it's our way of life they're protecting
So we follow the obvious, the blind leading the blind... and
No one cares until you color outside the lines
It's a paint-by-number predictable situation
A black and white world with Technicolor implications
Move to the rhythm of a different drum
One steps out and they all come undone,
They try to ignore the things that they can't define...
No one cares until you color outside the lines
When it's not picture perfect, and you dare to be different
That's when they open their eyes
They'll try to deny it, and then try to hide it,
By covering up what they find
The only time they look your way
Is when you mess with their precious designs,
And no one cares, until you color outside the lines...
It's not about how you look; it's just your appearance
No it's not about what you say; it's just how they hear it,
Speak out of turn; they put a mark on the page
Say too much, you'll be feeling their rage
You must conform to what they all decide
Cause no one cares, until you color outside the lines....
They don't like your crayon shades, or the pictures that you choose
And you're abstract style's just a bit too wild
To say the least they're not amused.......
No, don't let them stop you, don't let them tell you,
That you're not doing it right
Because no one cares until you color outside the lines
No one cares until you color outside the lines....
Yeah God smiles.... When you color outside the lines
© 2004 Song Harbor Music/Bmi

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