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Ng3 – Keep Your Head Up lyrics

Verse 1:
Bop Sho Be Doowop I do shoo wop
I got the head snap back
When I rock the spot
Auhh sheepp deebee do wop n deep be dee
I got the N.A.S.T.Y. in me
See let me break down over how it should be
Before ya heard what's on the radio and on TV
I know what ya heard but baby hear it from me
Don't let the weatherman tell ya how ya day gone be
Stand up an show me on your own two feet
Weather you working nine to five
Or you sweepin the street
Or if ya car doesnt't't work
Or if ya late for ya job
And if ya can't seame to find somebody to love
Don't you ever let me down
Cos everybody knows that the sun will come out
And everybodys gotta get through
If I can do it so can you
( times two )
Verse 2:
Now this is how it is, what
Life is not a game it's not a quiz, what
Just beacuse you didn't get a tip, what
Hold up stop cos mabye there is
Somethin that you missed
Now didn't anybody ever say
These are the days of your life
Forget the washing and the cooking
And go eat out tonight
And maybe you can find a way
To make one persons day
And make a smile in a posetive way
It aint hard b
Don't you ever let me down
Cos everybody knows that the sun will come out
Verse 3:
See I can kind of understand what you go through
I could sympathise but it wouldn't do you no good
Gotta keep ya head up eyes straight and don't stop
Therell be a day when the sun will shine on your block
And memories of the bad times
Will be relplaced and don't be hasty for the wrong guy
Its such a waste and what ya face is on the inside
So take your pace and g

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