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New Model Army – Ambition lyrics

Stepping out onto the stage the smalltown star tonight
Flexes out for fame and fortune into the lights
The way she tears into the heart makes me realise
That I never understood hatred until I looked into those eyes
She cries, "No one's going to talk down to me again
No one's ever going to patronise me again
I'm going to get out of this town, steal myself a crown
I'm going to get myself some power
If it's the last thing that I do"

Heading out of Bradford with a ticket on the train
And a faith as hard as steel and as sharp as any pain
Gets pictures in the papers smiling oh so good
While she lies in bed with racing dreams hot as blood
Because love will make you happy and love will keep you warm
And love will build a cushion to keep you safe from harm
But hate will drive you onwards, hate will drive you upwards
Till you can get back all the bastards
Who ever tried to put you down

And when she's gone forever, please don't lay her down to rest
In a quiet little churchyard along with all the rest
Throw a great big party to remember that she lived
Give her headlines on the tv to remember who she is
'Cause no one's ever going to talk down to her again
No one's ever going to patronise her again
She's going to get out of this town, steal herself a crown
She's going to get herself some power
If it's the last thing that she does
If it's the one thing that she does
If it's the only thing that she ever does

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