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Nelson Del Castillo – You're My Best Friend lyrics

Many people say true friends
are hard to find
But I know I'm not that kind
They come and go and
sometimes leave us behind
Like a wind that passes by

(Cause)When you need a friend
That you can depend
You can count on me because
you're my best friend
When you're feeling down
And your heart is hurt
You can call on me and
i'll be there for you friend

Good things may come and then
bad things may go
Like a birth a long time ago
You're like the ship that's sailing
across the sea
To the waves that's so unkind

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus) Hold
(Repeat Chorus)


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    Your my best friend no matter what happen ill be there for you when you're feeling down and your heart is hurt you can call on me and i'll be there for you and no matter what happen I always here for you to support, cheer up when your down I never forget you because your my best friend in mine hnd mo lng alam kung gaano kta ka mahal bilng malik kong kaibigan sana sa pag alis mo ako pa rin ang ituturing mong best friend at hnd mo ako makakalimutan. Cge mag iingat ka lagi tandaan mo nanadito lng ako sa tabi mo. :)
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    She is someone I dearly missed. She's my dream girl. I consider her as an ideal gf and a wife material. Sad to say, I was not that lucky to win her heart and mind. There are some instances that I felt that we can be a couple, however, a long the way, I miss the opportunity. I guess I was so vocal of my feelings for her. I made a wrong move, at the wrong time and place. It's the biggest mistake I had ever committed in my entire life. Honestly, I feel very bad. There are times I feel so down, because of the feeling deep inside in me. My love for her is still here and nothing has change. Even though I know for a fact, that she's already taken. I just hope, sooner or later our path will cross again, and if this will come, I will prove to her that my unending and undying love for her is without any reservation. I dearly missed you my precious friend.
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  • v
    Bestfriend is somewhat different from friends. They are hard to find and when we loses them we feel like there's somethings missing. Being a bestfriend to someone is like having a responsibility. When someone enters your life it is the start also of having responsibilities on them. And having a bestfriend we need to and we have to that. For us not to lose them. They are precious to everyone who have them. Understanding, honesty and acceptance is the key to make the bond stong. Like the others I'm afraid to lose my bestfriend.
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    Actually I can not say how worth is my best friend for me. She is always perfect for me. She does not allow me to do any kind of fault. If I did any she always tries to correct me as well as she does it anyhow. When I feel sad she comes close to me and say many words to make me not to worry and not only that finally she make me laugh. Sometimes I may do some wrong things to her without thinking but she doesn't care about them and when all are leaving she is waiting for me. She is the most precious thing that I ever had. And also I promise to myself that I am always with her and I am not leaving her anytime. This is enough cause I do not want to write my all thoughts about my best friend they are always in my heart and never erased. Thoughts are more powerful than words. Actually she is not a best friend, she is a amazing sister to me. Yet I can not understand that how I got a best friend this much better. I love you my best friend. It will not finish ever. I miss you always.
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    Bestfriend are persons that is right by your side when your sad, when you have a problem, when your not comfortable, you're bestfriend is always there by your side to make you happy, to help you in your problems, they are the ones that remains faithful to you until the end of your life, they are the ones that makes you feel that you suit in this world, that you're not lonely. Bestfriends are the people that remains by your side even you are against a hundred people, you're bestfriend will never leave you. To my dearest boy bestfriend, thank you for being right by my side always, I hope before you leave we can talk in personal. And I hope that we'll remain bestfriends for the rest of our lives. I Love You ton-ton!
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