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Nappy Tee

Shorty lyrics

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Nappy Tee – Shorty lyrics

You can call me Shorty, Shorty, Shorty
You can call me Shorty, Shorty, Shorty
You can call me Shorty, Shorty, Shorty
You can call me Shorty,
What's happening Shorty

Shorty is the name that they love to call me
I grew up in the "A" but I live in Cally
If I'm up in your club, I'm in vip, standing in your line
Shorty you don't me
I can buy this bar but I'm drinking for free
Cause I wear short shorts and a halter top
All them chicken heads be like oh she need to stop
I just gone brush my shoulders off and let them chickens bock, bock, bock
Girl they just hating cause they love on block
All the hood rats in the back talking smack
I got my shit together I ain't worried about that
Cause I'm the kind of girl that can bring home the bacon
Meet me at the mall Booh I'm a up grade you
Get on my nerves dude I'm a have to fade you, fade you, fade you

You can call me Shorty, Shorty, Shorty
You can call me Shorty, Shorty, Shorty
You can call me Shorty, Shorty, Shorty
You can call me Shorty, what's happening Shorty

If you was my dude I would make you shine
I'm a dime, the prime, a 180 proof,
Super woman in the booth when you need a little boost
You ain't got to lie, I can handle the truth
I'm the swish in your swagger, when I'm down I'm your ladder
Got your back when you fall, baby dunk your air ball
Help you walk before you crawl, Have you singing Biggie Smalls
Cause you see a shorty tonight that should be having your baby, baby
I'm the platinum in your grill, I'm the whip that gives you thrills
Say you need a break daddy come here and chill
Gone call me mommy cause you know I keep it real
I can hang with the boys and I'm watching the game
Yeah I got a bookie but I can't say his name
1125 on the Gucci Gold Sandals
Junk in my trunk if you think you can handle


Knock, knock whose there, if it's me they all care
Dressed up ghetto girl and I'm straight from the hood
Judge a book by its cover, yes I'm misunderstood
Taking from the Rich and giving to the Poor
If you need a hideout meet me at the back door
If your money's kind of tight I can give you some flow
I might tell you yes and I might tell you no
I might ride it quick and I might ride it slow

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