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Nana Kitade
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Nana Kitade

Kibou No Kakera lyrics

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Nana Kitade – Kibou No Kakera lyrics

Oshiete agemashou
Warawanaide kiite ne
Kono sekai no suteki na monogatari

Doushite sora ga aoku
Ki wa midori na no ka
Taiyou ga
Anna ni mo mabushii ka wo

Kitto tabun sore wa
Muzukashii kotoba wo
Hitsuyou nante shite inakute
Te dewa furerarenai kara

Ima kanawanai koto no nai
Yume dake wo yume mite yuku no
Sugu ni todokisou na risou yori
Motto zutto hoshii mono ga aru no

Nakitakute nakitakute
Naku no nara namida wo fuite
Datte kawaii no wa egao ga ichiban desho?
Dakedo zenbu to iwasete

Hora mite koko ni wa
Nai mono nado nai no yo
Bikkuri suru hodo yoku dekiteru no

Sokorajuu ni
Kirameku kibou no kakera ga
Ikura demo kagayaiteru

Sou ne sonna koto wa
Wakatteru tsumori de
Sore wa atama no naka de dake de
Nani mo wakaranai mama de

Ima owaranai hazu no nai
Ai dakara ai seru you ni
Mou nani mo iranai sore ijou
Dakedo motto konna mono ja nai no

Kowai nara soko ni ite
Soko ni iru nara nakanaide
Datte kawaii no wa egao ga ichiban desho?
Dakara waratte itai yo

Afuredasu omoi wo
Jiyuu sugiru sora e
Tokihanatareru toki ga kitara
Kimi wa waratte kureru no...?

Ima kanawanai koto no nai
Yume dake wo yume mite yuku no
Futashika na mirai wo hashiru kara
Dakara zutto suterarezu ni iru no

Todoku nara uketomete
Todoitara muri ni mo daite
Datte kanashii no wa mou takusan nan desho?
Dakara imasugu waratte yo

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Submitted by-Akiko-


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    English translation:.

    I'll tell you.
    Listen without laughing, okay?
    The amazing story of this world.

    Questions of why the sky is blue.
    And the trees green.
    And why the sun is.
    So very bright.

    Surely, probably, that is.
    Without needing to put it.
    Into complicated words.
    Because it can't be felt with your hands.

    Right now I'm only dreaming dreams.
    That will come true.
    There are things I want much more.
    Than ideals that I can reach immediately.

    Wanting to cry, being unable to cry.
    If you're crying, wipe your tears.
    Because, for cuteness, a smile is the best, you know?
    But let me say everything.

    Here, look, in this place.
    There's nothing that doesn't exist.
    It's shocking how much is accomplished.

    Shining fragments of hope.
    Are scattering.
    All over.
    They are glittering dauntlessly.

    That's right, when you think.
    You understand that kind of thing.
    It's only inside your head.
    You still can't understand anything.

    Right now, because it's a love that isn't certain not to end,.
    There is nothing else necessary.
    In order to be able to love.
    However, it isn't anything more than this.

    If you're scared, I'll be there.
    And if I'm there, don't cry.
    Because, for cuteness, a smile is the best, you know?
    That's why I want to keep smiling.

    When the time comes.
    To release your overflowing thoughts.
    To the sky that is so free.
    Will you smile for me.?

    Right now I'm only dreaming dreams.
    That will come true.
    Because we're running toward an unclear future.
    So always be there without throwing you away.

    If this gets through, take it in.
    When it's gotten through, embrace even impossibility.
    Because, for sadness, there's already a lot of it, you know?
    So smile right away.
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    English Translation:

    Let Me
    Tell You
    A story
    Don't you dare laugh when you hear me tell you

    It is a beautiful story
    About, the world we live in

    Everyday, I wonder why is the sky blue
    and why are the trees green
    And why does the sun seem so very bright, when it shi-ines

    I'm sure that the answer is because
    Of something I would not understand
    It is not essential to know all of these answers
    Because it is not like you can reach for them

    Right Now!

    There is no wish refusing to come true
    If you can keep focusing on your dreams ahead
    There is something that I really want
    But it is not ideal for the situation that we're in today

    I just want to cry but I cannot cry because if I cry that'll just bring more tears
    Aren't smiles cuter than all of the faces everybody makes
    Although that's what I've been told lately
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