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Naked Raygun – The Mule lyrics

A brilliance under mane
Cloudy lens and subtle strain
A fury sears the vein in time
And momentum is decline
You see the man is sick
With power's arsenic
What politic contradicts

Change in sight
The lay is right
Time ignite
Like a freak, in a beast, in the least
Hand, hang, hang

In a spiralling humanity
There's a cycle we can see
In a throng's monstrosity odds are
There'll always be a mule
You never can predict the mind of a lunatic
A mind so badly sick
With strange arithmetic

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  • Rudkus
    Someone has read Isaac Asimov. Asimov wrote, in his Foundation series, about a mathematics developed to predict the course of human events called Psychohistory. Its developer, Hari Seldon, foresees the downfall of the Galactic Empire and establishes the Foundation as the repository of all human knowledge. He utilizes psycho-history to predict crisis and appears in holographic form throughout the history of the re-establishment of galactic civilization in the wake of the fall of the Galactic Empire to offer advice on how to proceed--he becomes the old man who bids his descendants to have faith in themselves. There is, however, a second foundation with more of a behind the scenes hands on approach. The Mule is a mutant that upsets, perhaps, a too cozy status quo - even if vaingloriously and dangerously. But like the Arians who destroyed the stagnant ancient Indian society which for thousands of years even rebuilt every shack and shanty in the same footprint and manner... sometimes a little constructive destruction is warranted.
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