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Mystic Roots – Tenement Yard lyrics

Dreadlocks can't live in a tenement yard
I & I can't live in a no tenement yard
Jah, penetrate in a tenement yard
Dreadlocks can't live in a tenement yard
I & I can't live in a no tenement yard
Can't I-nitate in a tenement yard

Dreadlocks can't live in privacy
Cause anything him do, old nigga see
Hook: Too much watchy, watchy, watchy
Too much sus, sus, sus, sus, sus,
Dreadlocks can't smoke them pipe in peace
Too much Babylon & too much beast

Dreadlocks can't penetrate the rent-man
Cause all him a do is sell Jah-Jah land

Dreadlocks can't live under constant laws
Too much Babylon means too many laws

I was born twenty years ago today
Well at least when I wrote this
Holiday: December tre
Livin' life out a focus
I'm hopin' not to get caught up
With a felonization
But I grew up in a nation not ready for legalization
They tease me with the American dream
But wait it gets deep
The American dream has gotta be a dream
If you believe in it, you sleep
Reality ain't nothin' nice
You gotta do right
Or get caught up by the vice
Three strikes = life
Trife livin', catch me with some weed and now they give
Yes on felony: job application
Got me hatin' these choices struggle minimum wage
Increase a little, not enough for me in this day and
How the hell you 'posed to buy a car to drive to school
The average job today be payin' five and a few
Somethin' in my pocket missin' my one fear
$10, 000 for tuition, that's one year!
I'm not a teen no mo'; I got my chances to reform
They're tryin' to break me down by puttin' narcs up in
The dorms
People gon do what they gotta do regardless
We don't want the law to baby-sit us, we want it to
Guard us
Guard us from the rapists, kidnappers, and thieves
Not to incarcerate us strictly for havin' weed
My sympathies go out to those set up by a snitch
Dreadlocks forever be poor as long as Babylon's rich

Chico can't smoke them pipe in peace
Too much Babylon and too much beast

Chico can't smoke them bongs outside
Cause Babylon wanna take you and I for a ride

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