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Ms. Jade – The Champ Is Here Freetyle lyrics

(feat. Funk Flex)

[Ms. Jade (Funk Flex)]
(What up baby?)
The champ is here
Uh, the champ is here
Ms. Jade, the champ is here
Funk Flex, here she comes
Beat Club, here she comes
215 Philly shit
Here she come, here she come

When the truck pull up, and a broad hope out
Every time I go to spit, nigga raw pop out
Tell me what's that 'bout, Ms. Jade the magnificant
If you don't belive then you must be sniffin' shit
I leave rappers in a frenzy, mind boggled
Numb the pain, say fuck it and hit the wine bottle
I'm tryna tell you I'm a problem chick
And if you know a bitch sicker, go and find the chick
I got the toaster, ready to approach the game
It's kinda crowded but I'm settin' off the open flame
These chicks happy 'bout Baby Vuitton bags and rented Jags
Niggas is noodles, I twist the L and take a drag
It's evident that I'm needed very badly
Many a record labels now wishing that they had me
Thou shalt not fuck wit Ms. Jade
Or may face a thousand deaths from old thugs with new slugs
Broad rap hard like I'm one of the best
Flows sick, you can feel a beat all in ya chest
Yes it's something fit and uncut, ya better buckle up
Drink plenty water, get a lot of rest and suck it up

Uh yea, the champ is here
Uh-huh, Ms. Jade, the champ is here
The champ is here, Beat Club
Known to beat thugs, the champ is here
The Beat Club, the champ is here
The champ is here
The champ is here
The champ is here
The muh'fuckin' champ is here
Hey Flex, the champ is here
The champ is here
The muh'fuckin' champ is here
The champ is here
Uh uh uh it's over

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