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Mr. Vegas – Under Mi Sensi lyrics

(feat. Alozade, Hollow Point)

Mr. Vegas-chorus{2x}
Under mi sensi, mi under mi sensi
Under mi sensi, mi under mi, hey, hey
Alozade-nerse: 1
Wel mi bun di best size grade, which is di westside grade
Mek wi tek wi lass moment, go invest I grade
An before mi puff mi chalice, mi haffi bless I grade
Come gimme more, come in nuh waan less size grade
Come an test I grade. Nuh fed express I grade
Babylon ome an raid, mi wann more less size grade
Watch how wi conceal an possessi grade
But as I gaan, mi have suggest mi buy di best size grade

Mr. Vegas-repeat chorus from top twice

Hollow point-verse: 2
So mi seh gimme di mary j, paas it my way
Come in nuh joke I smoke
A straight hydro, mi nuh waan coke
Marijuana mi a bun pon di corner
Tell di cops to come pokah
Weed a play it like mi real like a pokah
Juss gimme di stoke and gimme di gum bowl
If yu got di color of gold, di purple hayes
I good fah days when mi get oled
When mi rule di top a top
I saw blaak until mi yeyes a get swolla
So mi smokin' to mi grey up an ole

Mr. Vegas
Swing my brain, nuh cocaine
I nuh wanna, I nuh wanna go insane
Swing my brain, nuh cocaine
I nuh wanna I nuh wanna go insane

Repeat chorus twice

Alozade-verse: 3
Beyond di day, mi try mi grade
A mi keep keep on buyin mi grade
Babylon wi in a messan knocks mi off
A seh on my grade
Juss mi a smoke di high grade now, I neba a lie grade
Nuh rub up on di coke
I waan to eat an hide di grade

Hollow point-verse: 4
Tell dem hole di cuck up mek di ganja smoke
A mek di air a pup
Paas mi di chalice wissliss paper mek mi air up
But mi true it was mi blew
A true mi know it fits di air a
All mi love fah herb
Di canibus it cruises up air yu know

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