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Mr. Serv-on – Watching Me lyrics


You been watching me (I know you watching me)
Yooou, been watching me (I know you watching me)
You been watching me (I know you watching me)
Yooou, been watching me (I know you watching me)
But you ain't taking it, I know you watching me
But you ain't taking it, uh

[Mr. Serv-On]
I can see it man, I can see it in my dreams
Feel it man, can you see what I've seen
Love what I've loved, bled for love
Pray with thugs, I done marched with soldiers
When the nights are colder, I got you baby
I'ma feed your kids, and I'ma love your lady
I ain't gon touch her dog, she love you dog
Don't let your mind go off, don't let your mind go off
I know them cell bars'd, rock a nigga soul
Drop a nigga cold, stand up solda
Hold your load, don't let em see you fold
Fall to your knees, and scream to Allah
Whoever your God man, let em hold your hand
The world don't love us, the world don't understand
The world don't love us, the world don't want us
All we got is us, come on

[Hook: Fame & (Mr. Serv-On)]
(I know you watching me), you been watching me
(I know you watching me), yooou been watching me - 2x
We love the life, that we ride down here
They say we crazy, they say we crazy - 2x

[Mr. Serv-On]
Can't touch my heart, guard and love my life
Punish me hard, the way I treated my wife
Times is rough, and I ain't follow you
I rolled it up, and then I bottled you
I hung in clubs, fucking with fake thugs
Fucking with broads, loving the fake hugs
Believing slugs, won't pierce my chest
Now my love life, is at mineral gress
I'm trying to caress the thought, of how it was
To dream in the womb, of the woman I love
It's morally right to thug, but if it vanish
The passion of black love, I gotta back from thug
I got a life is free, a life for me
It's now a life for we, and to like would she
I ain't losing this, I took a bruise for this
Made news with this, you hear me


[Mr. Serv-On]
It's better than love, but worst than lust
When that pistol bust, I heard his mama hush
Than the world caught a scream, the world took a dream
Blood when the steal, run his life when it ain't done
Push his chest up, prop his neck up
Tell him if he speak again, never let up
I got my best up, he'll be back out there
Back bout that, I thought you was out that
He said right back a soldier is, what a soldier does
If it ain't no soldier in, then a soldier that is
Is a soldier that was, if it's too much soldier for you
Than you ain't a soldier 'cause, you hear me

This to all my young homies
All my young thugs, homies stay in school
Do your thang, this shit ain't right

(I know they watching me), you been watching me
(I know they watching me), yooou been watching me - 4x

Out there, where nothing but indians speak
Where indians roam, where they walk looking for peace
Where they sit back, and they hit that peace pipe
And they life change, and they see thangs they never saw befo'
They see Gods that they pray to, I'm on another level you heard me
I know they watching, I know they watching me
We love the life, that we ride down here

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