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Moxy Fruvous – Harbourmall lyrics

Up in Downsview where the skies are grey
I can take my Mazda down the old parkway
>From what they tell me I just make a right
To the place that's jumping every day and night.
Well, I'm glad to say I'm on my way
To where ducks and jugglers and children play
I may be stuck in traffic, but I'm on the hunt
Gonna find my harbour down at Harbourfront.
Pleasure bound I started walking around
It took me half an hour to find some grassy ground
I spread my blanket, but I got no sun
Just the shadow of the condominium
Well, I'm sad to say they blocked the way
They took my view and my naivete
I saw lots of condos, but to be blunt
I didn't see no harbour down at Harbourfront.
Hey! Is there no Metro plan?
There's no need for a cultural home
So tell me what do you say alderman?
Build a casino with lots of chrome.
Take 10 story, 20 story, 30 story Lunch!
There's no need for a cultural home
We're gonna solve that intangible budget crunch!
Pave the harbour from the shore to the 'Dome.
I took my problem to so many doors
To the Feds, Queen's Park, and councillors
They sent me on to a businessman
Who said "son, listen up, I understand"
"You see, I'm glad to say you'll get your way
Your Authorsfest and your Children's Day
That artsy stuff, spring, summer, fall
On parking level three of HarbourMall!"
Say, see where the art used to be?
Back to business at HarbourMall
Skydome's a runt next to King Harbourfront
Give the business to HarbourMall.
So now I see the situation's clear
We'll have HarbourFun every day of the year
Under HarbourMall's roof I'll get my sun
With the tanning salon and Mr. Eggleton.
Well, I'm glad to say we got our way
The Authorsfest and the Children's Day
All that artsy stuff, spring, summer, fall
On parking level three of HarbourMall...
...HarbourMall fun in the city!

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