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Morrissey – Spring-Heeled Jim lyrics

Spring-heeled Jim winks an eye
He'll "do", he'll never be "done to"
He takes on whoever flew through
"Well, it's the normal thing to do"... Ah...

Spring-heeled Jim lives to love
Now kissing with his mouth full
And his eyes on some other fool
So many women
His head should be spinning
Ah, but no!
Ah, but no!
But no!
Ah, no!

Spring-heeled Jim slurs the words:
"There's no need to be so knowing
Take life at five times the
Average speed, like I do"
Until Jim feels the chill
"Oh, where did all the time go ?"

Once always in for the kill
Now it's too cold
And he feels too
Too old
Mmm, old...

La, la, la, la-la, la...

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    To me it's about a type of typical male of the species most often abiding in various larger urban centers in the world. They are most often not well 'book' educated but fancy themselves clever and 'street smart" as is seen in "he'll do, he'll never be done too. "
    It is a story of a very common 'type' of male who thinks nothing more than of going from one visceral experience to another. He 'speeds' through life ' having fun/partying/fornicating with whomever will have him regardless of who it hurts. He has the adolescent attitude of, 'well I don't know when i'll get another chance to have fun like this so I will do it even if I already have a person in my life who loves and cherishes me and no matter how sensitive said person is etc.
    He claims to care but his actions betray him. The best part is, however, that in the end, he is too tired and too old and too cold. Young man turns old without taking the time to gain much wisdom and a personal philosophy that would have given his shallow, meaningless life at least a sense of having been worthwhile. He thinks of people as mere things -- consuming and expelling waste items in a sort of 'free shop' where he can pick and choose whoever he likes. Use and hurt people as he has no feelings. At least not useful ones that contribute to the greater good.
    He never works on developing what patti smith's dad called 'the country of the mind". Therefore he is empty and has the depth of a dried puddle and never finds true connections, happiness, joy, love, or even their opposites because he is dead inside his entire life. But he only realizes it, like a greek tragedy, on is death bed.
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