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Moonsorrow – Taistelu Pohjolasta lyrics

[Punaisen lumen valtakunta]

Aseisiin, oi pohjoisen soturit!
Isiemme pyhдllд maalla
Vihollinen meitд vastaan
Kruunataan vain kuolemallaan.
Kristityt karkoitetaan.
Taivaansa porteilla
Verellдn kastetaan.

Te kurjat, heikot kддnnyttдjдt
Jotka astutte meidдn tiellemme.
Kadotukseen, taivaan lapset,
Kuolema ikuinen odottaa.
Miekkoihin tarttukaa!
Emme pisaraakaan teille suo.
Kohta punaiseksi vдrjдytyy maa...
Veri virtaa!

Poistukaa meidдn maaltamme
Ja kдrsikдд rangaistuksenne.

Jumalankuvien perilliset
Eivдt maatamme anasta tuhotakseen.
Ei Jehovan poika ansaitse kunniaa.

[JДIsten JДRvien kimalteessa]

... Ja kun veri lakkaa virtaamasta
Tiedдt meidдn voittaneen.

Kuollut on se sдdekehд
Joka heidдt ympдrцi.
Tappava sen miekan terд
Joka voiton sinetцi.

Hyytдvд on pakkanen
Joka meitд syleilee.
Metsдt, aavat pohjoisдen
Vapaudestaan kiittelee.

Jддkentдt kimaltelevat,
Verisinд sдihkyvдt.
Jдrvet luovat loistettaan
Talven valtakunnassaan.

[English translation:]

[The battle for pohjola]

[The realm of red snow]

To arms, o' warriors of the north!
On our fathers' holy ground
An enemy against us
Shan't be crowned but with his death.
Those christians shall be expelled.
On their pearly gates
They shall be baptised in their blood.

You miserable, weak proselytizers
Who dare step onto our path.
Be damned, ye children of heaven,
Death eternal awaits.
Now grasp your swords!
We won't grant you a drop.
Soon the ground shall turn red...
And the blood flows!

Vanish from our ground, never turn,
Suffer the measure you deserve.

This decadent heir of the image of god
Shall not usurp our land for devastation.
The son of Jehovah deserves no honour.

[In the glare of icy lakes]

... And when the flows of blood cease
You shall know that we have won.

Dead is the halo
And no more shine surrounding them.
One sword, one lethal blow
Thus did seal the victory.

Freezing is the air
That is now embracing us.
All the forests, all the plains in the north
Are grateful for their freedom.

Icy fields are glittering,
Shooting forth the glare of blood.
Lakes cast their shine through the skies
In this wintry kingdom.

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