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Mista – Crossroads lyrics

Mama please come put your arms around me
Cause where I'm standing lifes so cold
Come and take on this peaceful journey
I wont be long before I'm gone
Verse 1:
I don't understand, how can this be
Why'd you take your aggravations out on me
And why'd you leave me here
So far way from home
My life can go on
But I gotta be strong
Keep on holdin on
Verse 2:
Mama can't you hear me callin you
If your don't hear my cry
What am I suppose to do
Should I embrace the one
That snatched my soul
What it really means
I'll never know which way I should go
Chorus: 2x
Big Rube:
Left or right, up or down, these are choices
The end of this life represents the choices we make
The decision to live yourlife out of tune with
Your true nature limits your external existence this is sad
Beyond this world, beyond this dimension lies invredible knowledge
If we close our minds with fear and ignorance we can't perceive these
Philosophies the universe is based on energy and continuious flow this
Energy can be tapped and used we should learn to use our power od deduction
We should know what to eat from our physiological makeup
We should know that destruction of great minds ismonstrous because
The emotion we posses is human all these choices are a great lateral
A giant matrix up, a series of crossroads we must travel choose wisely
Chorus: 2x

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