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Missez – Love Song lyrics

(feat. Pimp C)

Boy you make me wanna sing you a love song

[Pimp C]
I'm still smokin out
Pourin up
Makin young gurls bust they nuts
Old school
Stright pro
Make em get down on the floor
Imma keep it gangsta witcha
Imma beat it up
Pay ya daddy well
Imma let a trick eat it up
When you saw me in da club
I was off in pimp mode
Pimp juice
Gator shoes
Mac clothes
I caught your eye
You caught my eye
Its all the same
Lets put this thang together
Mama lets do this damn thang

Stepped into the club
The bass beat is so loud
Boy I see you peepin me
Through the smoke cloud
Try to play it off
Gotta keep my cool
I gotta know your name
'cause I'm feelin you
So I walked up to you slow
Said baby would you like to get to know me
Then you put yo hands up on my body
Baby don't let go
Anything you want boy you can have
I'm yours

[Chorus x2]
Oooh, oh
Come on baby give it to me
Just like that
Boy you know exactly what I need from you
Yeah you really turn me on
Boy you make me wanna sing you a love song

Tempretures rising
You got me hoping that your love is hypnotizing
To the next level boy
With you is where I wanna go
But if I'm movin to fast
Baby just let me know (let me know)
There's something bout the way you move that makes me wonder
How you work it
Because my sheets are what your under
Don't stop 'cause I like whatcha doin babe
Keep it goin Right there
You make me wanna say

[Chorus x2]

[Pimp C]
I'd like to see you you open up
And let me in
Get all freaky in da benz
Legs up
That's the way we like to fuck
Got a million ways
When I'm on a maze
Straight up smokin purple haze
Get down on it
Let me see it
I'm ya daddy gurl let me beat it
You my private dancer gurl
Imma put this thang up in ya world
Getcha nut
Just like a squirell
No powder
No fur
Just a bunch of spanky danky
Just a lil bit of hanky panky
Pimp c
The dick aint free
You ridin with da best
If you fuckin wit me

[Chorus x3]

Oooh, oh [x8]
Boy you make me wanna sing you a love song

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