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Miss Dade County – You Ain't My Daddy lyrics

Who you think you talking to?
You ain't the boss of me
Ain't nobody the boss of me
You ain't my daddy

Oh uh uh
Boy who you think you talking to?
You need to lower down that tone, that you yelling
Cause all of dat, is not necessary.
You not my daddy, and I can go out whenever I want
Alright, so get out my face

You ain't my daddy
Can't tell me what to do
No you can't
Can't tell me what to do
No you can't
Can't tell me what to do
No you can't
You can't tell me what to do [x2]

Daddy like tonight, and I'm about to hit da club
I tho on my freak 'em Get 'em dress
Cause dats what's up
I'm calling up my girls
To tell 'em pick me up I'm ready
That's when you try to tell me I can't go, you must be crazy (crazy)
If I'm leaving then I said it, boy that's all I gots to say
You can't tell me where I need to go
Don't try to make me stay

I think I had enough of you
I'm sick of it I'm sick of this
You tryna be da boss of me
I really had enough of yo shit!

[Chorus:] [x2]

It's da concert of da year
And da night is finally here
It's the Crunkadelic Relics
And dey playin' at da pier
Missy Miss is comin' through
J and are performin' too
But right before I hits the doe (door)
I gots to go through this wit you
If you leavin' wit yo boys
I don't tell you
No you ain't
I jus let you do yo thang
And I neva say you can't


[Chorus:] [x2]

You can not tell
Me what I
Can and
Can not do
No no
Can not tell
Me what I
Can and
Can not do
No no no

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