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Minor Leagues – Midlife Crisis At 25 lyrics

This is a story – if you have the time to hear
It happens to us all – the fear grows with every year
He turns 26 – this time next month
Yes he's growing older – but is he really growing up?

Well, it's lonely in the city on a Thursday night
And you're walking home 'cause you couldn't find a ride
The girl catches your eye with a confident stride
She's wearing snow boots in the summer time

But you've got to be in bed, the early bird gets the
Got a meeting in the morning with more lessons to learn
Put your talents to the test? Well, it isn't your turn
No, not now, not right now
But we all go to work 'cause they pay us to sit
And we take what we can 'cause we don't give a shit
And if you think things will change then you clearly
This is life at 25, oh no

And so the story goes on – each and every single day
But it's never that bad – so there's really never need
For change
He was 16 – this time 10 years ago
He knew what he knew – but he didn't know what he
Didn't know

Well, it's lonely in the bar on a Thursday night
You're supposed to meet a friend, he didn't show, but
It's all right
The girl catches your eye with a sly smile
She's wearing snow boots in the summer time

But you have to be home soon 'cause the trash goes
And if you let it pile up, your roommate might take
Your life
And the bugs in your kitchen have formed gangs and
Started to fight
Is this your life?
Well, we can't be pained to go to the grocery store
So we get every meal delivered straight to the door
And you wonder why you can't bend your knees anymore?
It's your life... And here comes the weekend
Well, we go there to eat 'cause it's open till 3
And we flirt with the waitress and speak over grease
And when you get a moment you think 'Is this really
Happening? '
Oh but it is
And then the chimes strike at noon but you just hit the
'Cause there's no need for alarms when there's nothing
To do
In fact there's plenty to be done, but that really
Isn't you
No, not now... It's your life at 25

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