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Prodigy: Now you rockin' with MB, girl
Spoken:You don't know?

Vrs. 1
Wish I could drive a whip, take you 'round the city
Cruise along the strip, and pick up somethin' pretty for you
Wish I could ball out in the club in the night like you hurt me
But that might be just a little too early
Instead of shoppin' mall, take you to the Tahj Mahal
Maybe the islands, only the finest for you
I know I'm young but I ain't even tryin' to fool ya
What I'm sayin is that girl I gotta-
Future, and when I'm older imma know just what to do with ya
'Cause the futures lookin' bright so come into the light
And everything that's wrong I'll make it right, 'cause girl
I got a future, girl I got a future. Girl you know I got a future, future, future, girl I gotta future.

Vrs 2.
Wish I could meet your mom, to show her that I'm decent(decent)
Wish that I could tell you that I love you girl I mean it I do
Wish I could kick it with your friends on a regular basis
But we're from two different worlds, I gottta face it
I'm still a boy, and, you need a real man
I'm gonna get there, yeah I know I sure can
I know I'm young but I ain't even tryin' to fool you
What I'm saying is that girl I gotta-
Vrs. 3
One day, I'll be older and wiser yeah,
One day I'll be somebody's provider yeah
One day, I'm gonna be able to do,
All of those little things I been singing to you
One day, I'll be ballin', drivin 'stead of walkin'
Bring you where you want and take you shopping in the mall and
I know I'm young but I ain't even tryin' to fool ya
What I'm sayin' is that girl I gotta-
I got a future, girl, (x 3)
I got a future! Girl! (Let's get it)

(I got a future! And when I'm older Imma know just what to do with ya!

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  • U
    UnregisteredSep 21, 2011 at 1:46 am
    dis song is meant for me and mi boo princeton. love birds forever. i will neva let him go.he means da world to me and he knows it. and i mean da world to him. so best of wishes to who ever wants him cause hes mine!!! lol just kidding im out. mb yall!!!
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    UnregisteredApr 10, 2012 at 10:25 pm
    A boy who is wayyy younger than you who is in love wit you and thinks that he can hav a chance wit you if you giv him a chance says that he has a future and his future will only be bright wit you in it an that he can carry you places that you probably never been and will go if your not wit him, an all he is askin for is for you to giv him a chance
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    UnregisteredFeb 16, 2012 at 7:29 pm
    I think the meaning to the song is about a boy thats trying to get to know the girl and do a lot of stuff for her, and meet the parents to show them why he should be with her and show the girl what he would do for he when he get a lil older and stuff
  • U
    UnregisteredFeb 13, 2012 at 3:39 am
    Well im am not writing all that mess again okay princeton asked me to be his valentine and i said i got think bout it now lets skip to the last part he text me and asked me if i want them to sing at my party[b-day]he really don't know when my b-day is so i said yes then he hmu on the video chat and started to sing my girl and i was [just wondering if he had a gf]so i asked him y was he singing that song and i asked if he had a gf he said yeah i was like who becuz if you do i can't be your valentine he said me i was bluffin hard and i said we are only friends he started laughin and said no were not and then he asked me to be his gf i said i will think about it he said ok then he asked can i sing i said yeah he made me sing a song then he said he was gonna put me in one of his videos[im textin him right now] he said he is gonna put me in valentines girl i said im gonna sing he said yeah i said no im shy then he said no im not cuz i just sung a song for him said i can dance in it but not sing becuz i just can't do it he started laughin and said eight. I just asked him bout this morning he said do i i said yeah this just happend. He said eight nite princess i said nite princeton. He said he would text me tommorrow i said eight shawty he said he ain't the shawty i am i said nite bout to go to store he said by yourself i said yeah its right across the street he said so wait till tommorrow i said im not a baby he said im his baby and i live on bway i asked him why is he treatin me like a baby he said thats what boy friends do i said oh eight he said i better no go to the store i was like dude im 14 bout to be 15 he said eight nite boo i said nite text you tommorrow
  • U
    UnregisteredFeb 10, 2012 at 4:34 am
    Oh! You lucky! You have a facebook, ohh, what would i give to have one! Does mb talk to you a lot? Anyway, i'm only 12 and my b-day is in july, i'm a leo (same as roc! ) and my b- day is a looong ways off. Hmm, about that meeting in person... My parent don't know i'm on this website at all, ever because i'm supposed to be doing school 5 hours a day, and i'm not even on for an hour. I'm not in trouble for it, because a lot of things are going on at my house, and a lot of things don't get done around here, so... I don't know, maybe i could ask for the e-mail account early, and tell them i made a friend with someone outside of school on this website, and that is into the same stuff i am, like mindless behavior, for example. And none of my family or friends are fans of mb, but where are you going to be staying? Miami? Tampa? Because i live in marion county. And i don't really feel comfortable giving out my address yet, cause you know, there are a lot of pedo-bears strolling the streets nowadays, and i have seen and heard enough of them, know what i'm saying? I mean it's not that i don't trust you cause you sound like a nice girl (who i am completely jealous of) and we have only known each other like, what 5 days? It's just, i like to crawl before i walk. I'm not saying no, but apparently i am being real... Idk, awkward about it. So i'll tell my parents i've been on this website and i'll get back to you as soon as i can. Sorry.

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