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Mindless Behavior – Future lyrics

Prodigy: Now you rockin' with mb, girl
Spoken: You don't know?

Vrs. 1
Wish I could drive a whip, take you 'round the city
Cruise along the strip, and pick up somethin' pretty for you
Wish I could ball out in the club in the night like you hurt me
But that might be just a little too early
Instead of shoppin' mall, take you to the Tahj Mahal
Maybe the islands, only the finest for you
I know I'm young but I ain't even tryin' to fool ya
What I'm sayin is that girl I gotta-
Future, and when I'm older imma know just what to do with ya
'Cause the futures lookin' bright so come into the light
And everything that's wrong I'll make it right, 'cause girl
I got a future, girl I got a future. Girl you know I got a future, future, future, girl I gotta future.

Vrs 2.
Wish I could meet your mom, to show her that I'm decent(decent)
Wish that I could tell you that I love you girl I mean it I do
Wish I could kick it with your friends on a regular basis
But we're from two different worlds, I gottta face it
I'm still a boy, and, you need a real man
I'm gonna get there, yeah I know I sure can
I know I'm young but I ain't even tryin' to fool you
What I'm saying is that girl I gotta-
Chorus chorus
Vrs. 3
One day, I'll be older and wiser yeah,
One day I'll be somebody's provider yeah
One day, I'm gonna be able to do,
All of those little things I been singing to you
One day, I'll be ballin', drivin 'stead of walkin'
Bring you where you want and take you shopping in the mall and
I know I'm young but I ain't even tryin' to fool ya
What I'm sayin' is that girl I gotta-
Chorus chorus chorus
I got a future, girl, (x 3)
I got a future! Girl! (Let's get it)

(I got a future! And when I'm older Imma know just what to do with ya!

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    I'm 13 bout to be 14 in march but can you write songs if you can write one on here I can but I have to remember the lyrics. When is your b-day and how old are you. I have mindless behavior as a friend on facebook and I live in buffalo that's why I have asked where yo live I thought you lived in buffalo and I will be in florida tomorrow until the 22 of febuary to visit my grandma and what is your address maybe I can come over to meet you in person. Every week we go out of town.
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    Sure I guess, I live in florida, and I guess since your implying buffalo, you live somewhere in the, northern states? I don't have an e-mail account or facebook cuz my parents won't let me. But i'll figure out something (beg my parent to death) lol. Perhaps for my birthday I can have an e-mail account!
    Anyway, thanks for taking my advice, and staying positive and confident, people like you make mb proud. :)
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  • u
    To princess:.
    Well, yeah only time will tell I mean, like I said I'm thinking about moving out when I'm 16, get my career in music started, but I don't have dyslexia really, it's just math get me so frustrated sometimes, I just look at my paper and, it just. Eh, it's so hard to understand it driving me up the frigging wall because I'm home schooled right now and I got an f in math. In public school I kept a steady C. But my superiors are always stressing stay in school get a good education, and that's what I plan to do in order to follow my dreams. And that "stay positive" stuff I heard from roshon fegan, like on how to become famous, so. Yeah. And you know don't give up so easy, I mean I'm only 13, and I'm practically, like pushing my self to work harder to get where I wanna be, and, like, and in the process, I'm creating some type of work ethic, of what I'd do if I made it big, you know? And I'm sorry about your brother. Having a dead relative, or hearing someone has died kinda, you know "haunts" me in a way, but amongst other things, I'm training myself to be a better person, resolve problems of the past, break bad habits, rekindle relationships with people, I mean it may sound difficult but, I believe in myself, and everyone around me, you know, I wish only the best for even complete strangers, and believing in yourself, and trusting your faith in god will get you where you want, and possibly deserve to be. So princess, I give you this piece of advice to help you on your road to success, and I thank you for staying positive and knowing who you are and what you can be. Stay mindless, spread the peace mb fans!
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    To febuary 6, 2012 so you tellin me that if we think positive there will be positive results and I was thinking positive all this time about becoming famous I tried doing ever thing I could to be famous and trying to meet mindless behavior I'm mindless. I'm sorry hearing about your dislexya but still I have been dreaming to be singer but it don't look like that dream is coming true I have been singing scince I was 2 but god puts us in a place of not being famous for a reason maybe someday I might be somebody forget maybe I will thanks for the good advice and don't ever say'if your dislexya kills you first'please don't say anything like that because it won't I will pray for you'no disrespect'i said what I said because my brother died from his sickness and my name is princess and stay mindless 4 ever 1-4-3:] mindlessly in love.
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    Right on, feb 5th! But nothing is impossible, that word should never be said if your mindless. Anything is possible, just as long as you have the heart, courage, and love from those around you. Waaaiiit! I may be right, but I would never say that about fellow fans, or groupies, or whatever "it's never gonna happen" pshh, if I wanted to hear that kind of talk, I would have gone back to public school, but I am better than public school! Since I've been homeschooled I've opened my pretty brown eyes to some pretty amazing possibilities, I'm looking forward to moving out when I'm 16 (if my math dyslexia doesn't kill me first) and perusing an acting or singing career. You might be thinking "hey, just do both you get paid 2 times as much" yeah, well actually that is the first and worst mistake I could and will not make! I've read that people aren't a really big fan of singers/actors, don't know for what reason, but you know. Wait, then I'd be believing what people write, oh well I'm already as gullible as a freakin' dog, so whatever. This has been ty being bored out of her mind. Stay mindless, spread the peace, etc.
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