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Miley Cyrus – I Thought I Lost You lyrics

Nobody listens to me,
Don't hear a single thing I say,
Say anythings to me,
Anything to get you on my head.
Don't know how I really feel,
Cause it's the faith
That makes it like that I don't care
Don't know how much it hurts
To turn around like you were never there
Like somehow you could be replaced
And I could walk away
From the promises we made
And swore we'd never break

(Miley e Travolta)
I thought I lost you
When you ran away
To try to find me
I thought I'd never
Your sweet face again
I turned around
And you were gone
And on and on
The days went
I kept the moments
That we were in
And I knew in my heart
That you
Would come back for me
My friend
And now I got you
When I thought
I lost you!

Bridge travolta
I told myself
I wouldn't sleep
I searched the world
From sea to sea

I made a wish upon a star
I turned around
And there you were,

And now here we are

Miley: Here we are
I thought I lost you

I thought I lost You!

Miley: you

Together: Yeh I thought I lost you

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    Wow I have heard that people coul sing like me so many times! Most the time I am on the sidewalk hangin with taylor or one of my friends and people come and burst out in song like the climb and it is so hard not to laf taylor will be sitting there bitting her lip so she wont laf but others should go on american idol and if simon says no I will go in there and kick his butt! My self!
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