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Mighty Mighty Bosstones – A Dollar & A Dream lyrics

I've got a dollar, that I want to save
Safe in my pocket, I'll try to hold fast
Hey! It might be my last
I know what I've got, folded safe in it's spot
I earned a dollar, it's not here to share
I've got a dollar and that's all I've got
A million more is just a single grain
A grain of sand, or just one drop of rain
A small amount might make the difference these days
A dollar and a dream is all I can raise
I had a dream, I had all the answers
To all the questions, I've ever been asked
And in my dream, I had all the answers
To all the questions, I've ever asked myself
Man what a dream, it sure felt great
Took to the streets, 'cause I couldn't wait
To freely give wisdom and share what I knew
I had a dream and that's all I had
A million here, lay down in pain every night
A million there, to stay alive must fight
I'm sure my numbers underestimate
A dollar and a dream, I swear it's not too late
I had a dollar, I wanted to save
Keep in my pocket, I held fast
A dollar bill, that I would take to my grave
Deep in my pocket like it was my last
Look for the dollar, now it's not there
Even the pants are a different pair
I earned the dollar, I had to share
I had a dollar and that's all I had
A million more, is just a star in the sky
Tip of the iceberg, but we've all got to try
Our works cut out, and there's work to be done
A dollar and a dream, is step number, step number one

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