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Midget – Dumb It Down lyrics

[Midget Verse 1]
If I have no eyes, then I can't see
Life is a beach, and my feet are sandy
My five senses, but I got a sixth
My weapon is my heart, and who I got it with
I talk a lot a s—t, and a lot of it...
Life can change at any turn, so I do the opposite
But I don't wanna talk of it...
You'll never understand until you walk the strip
Instead of reading it, why don't you watch the script?
I tried to save my hood, because congress didn't
Full extent sentence for the congressmen
Top dog dominant, be the boss and I earn dominance
My whole hood with my lords' occupants
I'm a beast, zero tolerance
I, I'm a run this town, a, a, all a y'all should dumb it down
I think you need to dumb it down

[Midget Hook x2]
I'm a run this town
Dumb it down; you need to dumb it down
Before I shut it down
Dumb it down

[Midget Verse 2]
Stop coming over with those sad eyes
I'm the bomb, land mines
You can't break me down, crash test
You can't lock me up, put me in the Hole
You can't take me from it all or I'll break through these doors
Show no, show no, show no remorse
I see that Orange sign, detour
But I wish to see more
Why, why, why else am I here for?
Twenty for seven, why I don't know why I sleep for
And when I do I sleep on these floors
I walk through walls, I don't even need doors
But when it comes to beats, I need more
Bombs away! C-4
I love green I don't need meat anymore
I'm a kid with a dollar in a candy store
Why you coming here unannounced
All yo' big words homie, you need to dumb it down

[Midget Hook x2]
I'm a run this town
Dumb it down; you need to dumb it down
Before I shut it down
Dumb it down

[Midget Verse 3]
A'y boy you need to dumb it down
Close your talk stop runnin' your mouth
I'll cut your tongue out, there aint nothin' left to talk about
Dumb it down, you and your home boys can walk it out
'Cause you aint coming to the party up in this house
I got my dummy we gon' take your smarts and take it out
Du, du, du, du, du, du, du, dumb it down

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