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Mickey Factz – Serenade lyrics

It’s Mickey
As I toast the...
I hit the ghost the modern gay
So for the sex six minutes
All you’re gonna hear is the spirit in my lyrics
Was going on PK, left my label they unchained django
Tryin to out fox me, bad boy locks me
But NY you love taught me about proxes
Reborn Martin Luther, I’m in a new position don’t need Kama Sutras
Stylish for my ex, I let kama sutra,
I stop looking for when I thought about my future
Passive artist with the passions
Sculpt them when it come to clay I’m catious
Vulture, when it’s time to pray I’ma... culture,
What it is today outlandish,
Mister Fantastic, deep the fashion and wipe through the refabric,
Polo bricks red on the king size magic,
So every night I can dream about passion,
Love when I ran about your city,
Stand by Mickey if you can’t find Diddy,
They say I’m lazy, a catalog full of... bite like a vampire beta me
Wow, wow, wow, hold it
I come pour it and I barely even show it,
Lengs then is you and me, my view so I wrote it,
I do it for my mama, but I don’t think she know it,
Dick bad and I speak flare, the achievement is coming out this year
Let the worlds penetrate through
Love at first sound...

Smile the pain through
You cry and they ain’t you
Time will make you
Fine, thank you.
Smile the pain through
You cry and they ain’t you
Time will make you
Fine, thank you.

Young man from the ghetto, wife you pray go
Real life get go, she wanted this... he wanna settle
Making up this wings... that ring black and yellow,
This a little job payin on the bills,
Saving for a house and praying for a mill,
Waiting for a one KA, south side of Chicago that’s where you stay at,
South side of Chicago that’s where they spray at,
He tryin to be out ’cause he don’t really play that,
Good man with a good plan, shook pants with the jewelry
And put grants into the rimmy... get to one,
This is a dream he thought for his future,
Imagine family... but nothing to compare for, what’s about the habit
Wife you text them, head to market, pick up the orange
Ice cream I’m starving, pack of chicken legs
Plus the milk... and for the last time please don’t get the mandarin
He wrote back baby don’t worry, she replied hurry
I wanna cook curry, he got of the grocery and jumped in his Hummer
And then half way home, he forgot the butter
Turn back around bought that the donuts and just to surprise her
He even got roses, head it back home, and stopped that the light
And shots started going through his car as a post,
Oh shit, died, notified his girlfriend she cried,
Blood on his flowers baby got, now was one chance to be happy is shot

Smile the pain through
You cry and they ain’t you
Time will make you
Fine, thank you.
Smile the pain through
You cry and they ain’t you
Time will make you
Fine, thank you

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