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Meja – I'm Missing You lyrics

I miss your love, since you've been gone
I find it hard to go on
The summer sky don't mean a thing
I thought I'd always be strong
I got a feeling inside
And it's making my heart cry, cause

I'm missing you
And it's making me blue, yeah
I'm missing you
But what can I do
Thousand miles away, from you

So here I am, and everything's new
I should be happy in love
But all I know, I look deep in my eyes
I've never felt so alone
And this feeling inside
It's making my heart cry, cause

I'm missing you
And it's making me blue, yeah
I'm missing you
But what can I do
Thousand miles away, from you

So what's the meaning of this
To be living like this
It ain't no fun at all
I wonder where are you now
(I wonder where are you now)

I miss your love since you been gone
I find it hard to go on
And this feeling inside
I just break down and cry

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  • u
    Its songsandgil again. Yes, same month din, october, 3 years ago. Yet I am writing about how much I miss you again.
    People change for reasons, hope yours was a good one. I may not understand that reason now, but I hope it will make sense some day. I love you with all that I am, and I have fought for us with all that I have. I miss you beyond words. Have a good life wafu.
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  • k
    Whenever I hear this song, it reminds me of a person that I loved so much. But he ignored my love for him. He didn't became my boyfriend so I know I don't have the right to feel bad. His love for me was that of a friend and that of a little sister. Maybe, it wasn't meant to be. They say that the hardest person to get over with is the one you never had. I agree. No matter how much I tried to forget him, I can never do it.
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  • r
    I was so hurt when I here this song because I really miss my boyfriend so much. He just break our relationship last week,. I'm longing for his love. I just don't know what would I do now. I don't know what was his reason why he broke our relationship.
    I made my tears fall n this song. I want to let myself free from him but still I still miss his love.
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  • m
    This song was such and expression for me right now. It expresses my feelings. I miss my guy, my only "Naked Candy", my prince, and my "Deeda". Hope I can still have him back. Coz I'm missing him so bad. Though he was so possessive, I'd still be loving him. I love the way he shows his love to me. I miss the way he say He loves me. I miss you Robert! I miss you like hell!
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  • a
    I'm really crying while listenin to this song. I'm so broken right now. Don't know how to fix it. My friends told me that I should move on and love someone else how can I do that, If I knw that my heart only belongs to him. Even he don't want me to wait, I'm still waiting for him. Even it's not worth waiting for, I'm still waiting. No regrets meeting him, even he broke my heart. I'm still here for him.
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