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MC ZULU – Firestarter lyrics

Enough of the niceness, you see some youth who wan try disrecpect the bad man sound?
Well hear me now, people. No bother call fi no ambulance, Send fi de undertaker

If you think seh that you wan test me space
Burn down the place
Set the whole thing afire
(Fire, fire)

If you think seh that a joke me a mek
One big mistake
Set the whole place afire
(Fire, fire)

Zulu the badman sound man arsonist, left out the nonsense you can't deal wit this
Weapon mi brandish, microphone murder de bad man commit.

And if you think seh I mon just chat, me send whole heap a fire pon de front of your doorstop
You perish inna backdraft, Send flowers to your momma just remember, it's the bad man said that
Me tell dem from way back, gwaan


Long time Zulu sing the tune offa the stereo, hear tune run, dem want me kill dem everywhere me go
Rudeboy business, gangsta with the way the man a Whitelabel Menace this, witness the genesis
Who make the people dem wonder? Who kill dem inna dance with the rain and the lightning and thunder?
Zulu man a keep dem under... impression that dem whole world shake up, can't work the number


Zulu the badman sound man arsonist, enemies a feel it. Now dem asking all of the question how dem a deal with
Microphone murder the bad man a commit. And if you think seh I-mon just chat, me send the fire blowtorch the side of your whole block... no matter way you gun talk

Make it look like accident, remember it's the bad man said that, me tell dem from way back... lord

Long time you know but yet and still me never tell you this.
Zulu man a chat for all the people and dem benefit, Some youth want talk about murder a whe them all commit
Nonsense we call it... The people whe a go do just show this, No bother run you mouth nor put no fool pon notice
Mouth talk will end up as the example, soon fi get peace a whe de bad man grant you,
More than you can handle... gwaan


Bad man ZULU lyrical arsonist, another soundboy killing, ZUlU me can't resist, mek we get things started
Slaughter competition... No matter whe dem call it
And if you think seh I-mon just chat, test me borderline me murda dem
With one track, dem youth dem all a bow cat.
Make it look like accident, remember it's the bad man said that, me tell dem from way back... gwaan


Anyone dare test the borderline soon find out who a de real danger. Whitelabel menace, the digital screw, you understand. This is the Badman Zulu deh pon de track. And you know seh me nah dress back.

So don't talk again, because you know seh a pure murderation when me a ride riddim
Badman Zulu, Larger Then Life

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