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Mavado – Step lyrics

Mr pu**y, step if you a step no
Step if you a step no
Pu**y, step if you s step no
Stop send threat no
Step if you a step no
Step if you a step no
Si mi yah, step if you a step no
Stop send threat no

(Verse 1)
Them only bad pon twitter and thing
AK meck any tick up man sing
A David, but a no stone pick up and fling
A something fi meck yo duppy flick up man bring
Them get the gaad pon the wrong side
So mi send them pon a dead man ride
Tear off him nose left him face in a land slide
Then bammer buss left bombohole one side
Step in a any bwoy place, am a stepper type
Shot bright up the place like pepper light
Heaverton nigger a the ghetto type
Skill like a bitch when death a bite

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Them sniper pon the caliber
Wid the clip glistening
Mi enemies them a pu**y and them no waan listen
Is we the best, just try yo best then if yo waan missing
Thunder roll, the big mamma kicking
A fuck yo bitch last night
A know that's the reason why you wanna fight
Beeper light don't get fucking bright
Come get back yo bitch cause she's not my type
True the gyal them a fight fi mi over
Come everyday like a mi a them owner
Mi bad no bloodclaat, all mi gyalfriend a soldier
Mi tek a bwoy gyal just fi change over
Any missa man

(Repeat Chorus)

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