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(throughout intro)
Don't y'all know y'all can't hold me down

He told y'all he won't stop (2x)
He told y'all he won't stop (2x) uh-uhh
He told y'all he won't stop (2x)
He told y'all he won't stop (2x)

[puff] remix

Verse one: puff daddy

No matter what y'all do, you never gonna stop my flow
Producer, rapper, ceo (uh-huh)
Sometimes i just sit down and think
Might have a long drink, rock my long mink
How you gonna hold me, you don't even know me (uh-uh)
Platinum or gold, i get it sold (that's right)
All i wanna do is see you dancin and clappin
Singin and rappin, makin it happen
Keep it scorchin, more often
Tryin to leave justin a fortune, bad boy
You hear what the prefix is (yeah)
I get chips to breathe on remixes (uh)
Catch me at the bar with three misses (yeah yeah)
In the benz that i still never drove got deep dishes (ahahah)
Playa haters, how you like me now? (how you like me?)
Bartender, hit my team with another round
See what we have, is a brand new sound
That's why nobody can't hold me down

You, can't, hold, him, down
You can't hold him down
You can't hold me down
(repeat 4x)

Don't y'all know you can't hold me down (3x)

Verse two: puff daddy

Don't y'all know you can't hold me down (3x)

I neither bug out and chill, nor be actin I'll (remix)
No beef in nine-seven it's time to build (yeah)
When i'm in front of thirty thou, no mistakes allowed
Cause y'all know, puff daddy moves the crowd (that's right)
If i could i would, but i can't so i ain't gon' stop
I owe it all to the man up top (thank you)
Put hard work, into every jam we drop
And this year, i'm takin my family to the top
Uhh, remain hostile, flare out your nostril
I make hip-hop, r&b, and gospel
And y'all like, he can't be rich (yeah)
He can't take trips, come back and make hits (say what?)
Lamp in cancun, lounge in the ritz (c'mon)
What you spent on your rent, i spent on my wrist (that's right)
Go head, be my homey now, you phony now
Your girl wanna ride my pony now (i figured)
If you hate what i do, y'all only clown
Goodfellas, you know you can't hold us down


Don't y'all know you can't hold me down (3x)
Don't y'all know you can't hold me down (3x)

Interlude: puff daddy

Shake that ass, shake that ass, shake it
(repeat 8x: c'mon, i see you, yeah, shake that booty
C'mon, i like that, ..., let's go)

Verse three: mase

Now what the whole world's been awaitin (remix), mase in, money makin (hah!)
Three sixes, la-dies think i'm satan (that's it)
Richer than the ones, found my mil (i hear you)
Yo we buy benz like a blowout sale (that's right)
Get yours and then hang, you do what you gotta do
I'ma firewagon, tenth powder blue
Crew powerful, no tellin what i do
See my name on billboards, and on towels too (mase)
Damn messin wit us, that would make no sense
The more it's 'bout the money, the more we get intent
Rock baggy jeans, so you see no dough print
Live in puff mansion, and pay no rent
See the life that i live i'm prepared for the morgue
I ain't scared of y'all, if you scared, get a dog
See we pop bigger drinks (uh-huh) rock bigger links (yeah)
Cop bigger minks, what the #%@% a #%@!% think?

Chorus: repeat to end with puffy talkin over it

Don't y'all know you can't hold me down (3x)
Don't y'all know you can't hold me down (3x)

C'mon, you can't hold me down
Yeah, you can't hold me down
C'mon, can't hold me down
You can't hold me down
Eh-eh, you can't hold me down
You can't hold me down (what?)
You can't hold me down
Ahaha, i like this
I'm gonna make you love me
I'm gonna make you love me
I'm gonna make you love, me
I'm gonna make you love me
Can't hold me down

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