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Marty McFly – GTFO lyrics

Uhh yeah marty... Mc... Fly... Or something like that

My whole life I was labeled as a nuisance
I was the nerd at the table with the cool kids
And I was ruthless, but the truth is
Talkin is cheap so you can keep your 2 cents
Cause all I need is a dream and a dollar
Aint worried bout yesterday I'm tryna see tomorrow
And nothing else matters when you've spotted your goals
I'm all alone cause I know you can't rot when your cold
Sooo hopefully I can (right/write) your wrong
They see scars and they ask me why I fight so long
It's all good, as long as when they lights go off
I'm still here to excel like microsoft
And they told me get respect but nobody ever showed me how
And right now a yellow light couldn't slow me down
I rhyme life yall rhyme for fun
I'll stay (Def) cause everone alive is dumb

It's all good.
I aint playing but I wish yall would.
All I'm saying is.
I am retro, yall aint ghetto.

My competiton always loves to harass me
They'are like teachers they will never pass me
It's all work man I thrive for some party time
I'm so high you look at me and get stary eyed
They main slice what I'm saying is nice
You'll be paying the price if you wnat me saying it twice
My name buzz now the bees try to hunny coat
I like girls but I'd rather have some money tho
And if she diggin me I guess I can't tell her
Got people on my tip like nelson mandella
And yall can't fool me yo, the flow is coolio
And all my rhymes universal like studio's
I aint jones'n I'm roy in his prime
I got hands to beat a royal flush or 4 of a kind
So don't bluff or I'm callin it quick
And imma rhyme round cats till they callin it quits.

Hook repeat
It's all good.
I aint playing but I wish yall would.
All I'm saying is.
I am retro, yall aint ghetto.

Track off of trap door

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