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Reflections Of My Life lyrics

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Marmalade – Reflections Of My Life lyrics

[Verse 1]
The changing of sunlight to moonlight
Reflections of my life
Oh how they fill my eyes

[Verse 2 (Repeat)]
The greetings of people in trouble
Reflections of my life
Oh how they fill my eyes

Oh my sorrows
Sad tomorrows
Take me back to my old home

[Chorus (Repeat)]
Oh my crying (Oh my crying)
Feel I'm dying, dying
Take me back
To my old home

[Verse 3 (Repeat Verse 1)]
I'm changing, arranging,
I'm changing,
I'm changing everything
Everything around me

[Verse 4 (Repeat Verse 1)]
The world is
A bad place
A bad place
A terrible place to live
Oh but I don't wanna die...

[Chorus (2 x)]

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    Don't actually know what the intended meaning of the song was or is-I was a teenager when it was a new song on the radio. Now I am 62 and feeling very reflective of my life-wondering where it all went! Have 6 great Kids and 14 grandkids-feeling very melancholy about it all. Contemplating retirement and the drastic changes that come with that. Have been involved in religion my entire life-but have many questions about the whole plan. This song causes me to reflect deeper on all of it.
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    The song shows no matter how bad things are, and no matter what ridiculous wars we fight for other people, we as human beings still cling to life and don't want to die, and as we reflect on human misery, and know the world is a terrible place, the inner core of our souls, give us faith, and the fear of death, and not knowing where we go after is worse than death itself for most of us.
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    I remember watching a documentary on public tv about charlie company in nam. The guys refused to obey their lt. When he told them to walk down a road. They told him it was a sure way to get ambushed and wouldn't do it. While they were laying around on break they were playing the radio and this song was on and the verse about the world being a bad place but not wanting to die just hit home with me and I've never forgotten that.
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    This song takes me back to my own home in oakland, california, when I was in high school. It kind of summed up what I was going through at the time. I was moody, on an emotional roller coaster. Life was bittersweet at the time and I felt despair at what was going on in the world (e. G. , the viet nam conflict). Honestly, it was a depressing time for me but I didn't want to die.
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    Dean ford really puts alot of emotions into this song. I guess it's a war song but it reminds me of alot of people that have had a hard life and things just never seem to get better. At first I decided it would be my new pity me song but I know alot of other people, especially or including the people that fought in the wars that have had a much worse life than I've have.
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