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Mario Lanza – The Donkey Serenade lyrics

There's a song in the air,
But the fair senorita
Doesn't seem to care
For the song in the air.
So I'll sing to the mule
If you're sure she won't think that I am just a fool
Serenading a mule.

Amigo mio, does she not have a dainty bray?
She listens carefully to each little word we play.
La bella senorita?
Si, si, mi muchachito,
She'd love to sing it too if only she knew the way.
But try as she may,
In her voice there's a flaw!
And all that the lady can say Is "e-e-aw!"
Senorita donkey sita, not so fleet as a mosquito,
But so sweet like my Chiquita,
You're the one for me.

There's a light in her eye,
Tho' she may try to hide it,
She cannot deny,
There's a light in her eye.
Oh! The charm of her smile
So beguiles all who see her
That they'd ride a mile
For the charm of her smile.

Amigo mio, is she listenin' to my song?
No, no, mi muchachito, how could you be so wrong?
La bella senorita?
Si, si, la senorita,
She loves to sing it to me
If only she knew all the words,

Her face is a dream
Like an angel I saw!
But all that my darlin' can scream
Is: "e-e-aw!"
Senorita donkey sita, not so fleet as a mosquito,
But so sweet like my Chiquita,
You're the one for me.

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    On a fluke I decided to see if this song had any lyrics. I'm so glad I found them! The year was 1977. After seven years of marriage I was finally going to have my parent's first grandchild. They took me to the mall to find something for the baby. In those days ultrasound was new. My old doctor was afraid of them. So we had to wait to see if we had a boy or a girl.
    I wandered into a store looking for a generic baby toy. There was this little wind up donkey. I didn't recognize the song, but fell in love with the melody. I bought it and sat down on a bench in the hall of the mall. I noticed my mother was angry with me. Probably because it was quaint and inexpensive. She never approved of my simple tastes.
    Well, my parents kept walking, my mother in a huff. Dejected, I wound up the little donkey again and imagined my baby falling asleep to this tune. I even held it close to my tummy, hoping my baby could hear.
    Suddenly, I noticed my dad sitting quietly next to me. He had been listening, but not said a word. When the song wound down he said, with a sweet smile, "Donkey Serenade."
    How did Daddy know everything? He only had an eighth grade education, and grew up on a farm in a tiny Oklahoma town.
    But somehow he always knew. And his facts were always correct.
    He also knew that a young mother, full of hopes and dreams, needed someone to help her celebrate her babie's first lullaby.
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