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Marie Hines – Wrapped Up In Love lyrics

You rode a horse and wore your armor proudly
Let down my hair to make a way for you
To climb into the sky and catch the cloud that I've been dreaming on

Pulling petals at my window, I'll be
Singing my songs to the man on the moon
And counting fireflies that dot the canvas of the starry night.

What more can I say? Oh, oh it's you who's made me this way, I'm

Wrapped up like a bow
Wraps up the unknown
Twisted, tangled in our fairytale
Wrapped in your arms
Trapped in your heart
Wrapped up in love

(Oh, oh, oh...)

Slurring sonnets like love drunk poets
Take a sip, pass the glass around
Til we fall out of time, lost in a rhyme
It's so easy being me when I'm with you

What more can I say? Oh, oh it's you who's made me this way, so I'm

C (x2)

We're more than raw emotion
It's not a temporary high
We could crash down from
We're made of our emotion
Building castles in the sky
You and me, how could it be we're

C (breakdown)
C (x2)

I'm wrapped up
So wrapped up
Twisted, tangled, I'm so
Wrapped up in you
Wrapped up in love...

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