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This one's of you taking your pills
Sometimes forget and that's okay I guess
This one's of me at my sisters wedding day

All my faces
They all were wasted

You're barely breathing I know
What if it's starting to show?
And I know it won't ever change but it hurts the same

This one's of me throwing up for you
And I'm paler still, and that's the way you wanted it
This one's of you, certain of cancer

And all my faces
They all were wasted on feeling small
You're barely breathing, I know
And now it's starting to show
And I know it won't ever change, but it hurts the same


A fever broke somewhere behind July
And remember how I weighed 135
And we collide

All my faces
They all were wasted on feeling small
You're barely breathing, I know
And now it's starting to show
And I know it won't ever change, but it hurts the same

This one's of me, losing more weight
And feeling afraid

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  • a
    AnimeSkater101Aug 21, 2011 at 2:49 am
    Actually I believe it is literally about "feeling small." If my memory serves me correctly Josh (along with his drug addiction) fought with anorexia; he was bulimic. From what I can tell, the song vents out the regret and guilt of his own "selfishness."
    He's spent so much time and effort on becoming "thin" that he's missing out on the more important things in life. (I'm not sure how true this is to his personal life) but the protagonist of the song spent their own sister's wedding worrying about their image instead of enjoying the moment. And now that they've realized that there are more important things in life, it's too late (the sister is dying from cancer).
    Through it all the sad fact remains that the mentality isn't gone, the protagonist still feels the need to lose weight.
  • MTrenchAndVFCfanatic
    MTrenchAndVFCfanaticMay 8, 2011 at 3:20 am
    I personally think this song is about horrible drug use and trying to fit in with the ones you have. "This one's of you taking your pills" could be of an alter ego or (supposedly) loved one taking pills for some sickness, and the wedding day could be a memory of how things used to be. The main chorus, "All my faces.." through "...but it hurts the same" is most likely (from what I can tell) about trying to hide what you've become and hiding the pain that comes with it. The second verse is results of what happened; "Throwing up for you" trying to live up to your love's hopes, "You, certain of cancer" is a result of all the pills and fighting the sickness. The fever breaking is possibly the sickness ending or beginning, the weight is a result of the vomiting and sickness from drugs, and the collide is both of them fighting with eachother and trying to survive. Then the last lines is the continuing pain and suffering.
    Every time it says "This one's of..", I think it means it's a photograph of what was happening.
    This is just what I think.. for all I know, I'm completely wrong!! XD
  • m
    MrsJoshRamsayDec 12, 2010 at 10:31 pm
    feeling small in my pants XD jokes aside though this song is really sad , i cried when i heard this because hes gone through so much and for him to still be able to go on stage and sing about it. Props to you Josh, you truely are an amazing person
  • j
    jayydnaakNov 28, 2010 at 8:46 pm
    To me, it sounds like this is about someone he cares about having cancer and all the problems leading up to death but they try to stay strong throughout everything.

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