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Mannie Fresh – Conversation - Tateeze lyrics

Mannie Fresh:
Hey there shawty you lookin kinda good with yo frames on girl represent yo hood
Hey how ya doin? You kinda cute too smellin like pool water in your chemical boots
Mannie Fresh:
See I keep my hair cut and I get my nails done (Tateeze: for ril?)And everybody know my name, baby where I'm from. They treat my like the mayor, some say that I'm a player.
I'm a high new tight cool s*** lady-slayer?
Damn, dude please I'm all about the cheese.
You pushin old school I'll take your mercedes keys? Your bad credit havin ass need to be a shame 'cause everything in yo mama's name, e'rbody know
Mannie Fresh:
Now Ima tell the truth, we ain't got to fuss. I don't own a car, pimpin ride the bus. But you lookin kinda good
Yeah I am kinda hot
Mannie Fresh:
Girl we can get it on
Boy go on do the wop?
Mannie Fresh:
Wop with it W-w-wop with it, wop with it
Wop with it w-w-wop with it wop with it
Bang, bang, bang, b-b-bang ohhh bang?
Bang, bang, bang, b-b-bang ohhh?
Work somethin, twerk somethin, get it girls, work somethin, twerk somethin at it. I said roll with it and look back at it. Come on.
Mannie Fresh:
You say you doin good but you could be better, roll with a pimp, numba one trend setter. Yo man is a creep uh?
Boy you don't know him
Mannie Fresh:
But do he buy you nice stuff?
Shut up you still growin
Mannie Fresh:
Enough about him, lets talk about us
Take ya time shawty
Mannie Fresh:
Baby I ain't in a rush. Slow motion with it, if you let me hit it. I'll getcha right every night, put the ocean in it.
I got a hard to shake water bed??
Sheets might be satin, but the pillows look suede.
Yeah girl I knonw how to getcha. I gotta 54 inch flat screen picture, of me, standing by a tree with some caki dickies on in a white tee.
And I like the way you move
I like the way you step
Mannie Fresh:
We could get it goin
Now go on do the prep?
Prep with it, p-p-prep with it, prep with it, prep with it, right to left with it
Prep with it
Go on break it down, show em whatcha workin with. Go on break it down, shake it like a earthquake
Smirf with it, s-s-smirf with it, derp with it? Smirf with it, s-s-smirf with it
Work it?
Now do the soul clap, now do the soul clap (whoa!), now do the soul clap(whoa!)
Mannie Fresh:
The club is packed. The night it young. Fo' ril baby girl I'm tryna make you the one. You the one the one the one the one.
Putcha finger in tha air if you havin fun girl [humming]
Mannie Fresh:
Lookin at you from across the spot, my legs start shakin and my body get hot ay!
I need realtions, can't fight the temptations
Well this just conversations. Ain't gon be nbo penatration.
Mannie Fresh:
Now wait a minute, hold up, baby get it straight. I ain't gotta be your man, we don't even gotta date, but we almost at the end of the song, the club bout to close, let a playa bring you home
Shawty, drop it like it's hot! Pick it up and make it pop. Now go down to the flo'
Take ya time, work it slow
Keep it right there daddy. Ima bounce that
When you want me, how you want me...

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