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Mani Dots – Balls To The Wall lyrics

Balls to the Wall

(Mani Dots) Let me go! / (The Operator) let you go? Let you go! ? If I let you go you will indeed dismantle everything you see / you see, this is the beginning of the end / the world has been at war / there are many things that are dying and disappearing into thin air / and I, have made you! / (Mani Dots) no! / (The Operator) oh yes indeed I have / (Mani Dots) no! Look, I don't know / I don't know what your talking about / my name is Noman Awan, I was born on October 31st of 1987 / (The Operator) oh no-no-no-no / you, are my monster / (Mani Dots) I'm not your monster! / (The Operator) and I call my monster / (Mani Dots) no! / (The Operator) Mani Dots! / my creation! You are tryna kill yourself! ? Tryna kill my creation? That's like killing me / I wanna get your head straight / (Mani Dots) no! / (The Operator) get his mind right / get him out of her / (Mani Dots) get the fuck off of me! (screams) no! / (The Operator) throw him in isolation / get him fixed! And keep him there! /

(Mani Dots) I got my back against the wall and they pushed all of a sudden it cracked on me (now-now) / now the walls is closing in if I turn around I'll turn my back on me (now-now) / now my balls is to the wall how I'm gone carry myself / and if I don't do something quick I might just bury myself / I gotta think (quick-quick-quick-quick-quick-quick-quick) / I gotta think (quick-quick-quick-quick-quick-quick-quick) /

Verse 1
I gotta think quick like I'm thinking 'bout a quicky / the walls is closing in I'm starting to feel sticky / trembling and sweaty / now I'm breathing a bit heavy / my mind is racing fast damn it I can't think steady / the walls is closing in now I gotta find a way / to get the fuck out 'cause I aint tryna stay / I am not tryna be in this place / my oxygen is cutting 'cause I'm in a sealed cage / palm is getting sweaty, sweat is rolling down my face / but wait, God is on my side I got faith / and now I'm feeling better, in a mental state / I got ideas on my head now I'm feeling great (still I)


Verse 2
I had ideas in my head, I thought I was feeling great / I had to find a loop in this ittie-bitty place / salute, I think I found a shallow place to break / now I'm hitting on the wall screaming / "open up this place" / he opens a loud speaker saying / (The Operator) "find a way, I made you wise enough in this world that we stay" / damn it I feel trapped in this ittie-bitty safe / now I'm kicking on the wall and it seems to crack and break / hurray! I'm feeling I got bigger nuts I'm feeling brave / that I dug myself out my mother fucking grave / at the moment I am feeling that I was safe / yet I found myself at the other side of the maze / I'm screaming out my lungs "you wanna play! You wanna play you fuck!" / and all he does is laugh and say / (The Operator) good luck! / (Mani Dots) and now I'm thinking to myself / I gotta do it on my own I can't scream help (still I)


Verse 3
Quicker than a hick-up / tighten my upper lip up / like a Ram, I gotta pick-up / if they push me I gonna kick up / and kick up until I get up / and trip them until they fall / until they have no soul / they can't do it any mo' / when I'm mad I'm anamalistic / don't get me to go ballistic / oh shit I kinda figured /how I fucking missed it / the walls is slowly opening, I feel the oxygen / he want me to be a beast and never go back again / but I gotta go against 'em / he made me to a monster / 'cause I don't feel no human / I think I am a monster / and he just want me to conquer / and conquer everything / everything in my past /and everything in my future / but everything doesn't last / why you think they made the stupid cupid / but I am feeling ruthless / so ima do it / take over the world / and take over your mind / even if you fucking mind ima make the world mine! /


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